Amity Parks - Exploring Bister Inks - November 16

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Exploring Bister Inks: A 2-Hour Live Zoom Class

November 16, 2020 10am MDT

Class Supplies:
  • Bister Inks in a few colors. Amity will used Yellow, Red, Green, & Blue. (I157, I157-S4)
  • Palette or containers with several small deep wells for missing small amounts of ink. (S1108)
  • Large sized broad edge pen or nib and holder. Amity prefers Automatic Pen size 3A (1/4") or Speedball C-0 nib. (N27, N09, H69)
  • Several sheets of paper. Amity recommends Canson XL watercolor paper. (P113)
  • 1" or so flat bristle brush to wet paper (BR64)
  • A couple of sizes of round pointed brushes -one small (size 1 or 2) & one a little bigger. (BR26)
  • Small spray bottle (S836)
  • Ruler/pencil/masking tape (S270, PL38, S412)
  • Water containers/Paper towels (S1005, S817)
  • A few Pipettes and small mixing brushes (S1039, BR43)
  • A butter knife (from the kitchen) or palette knife to move small amounts of Bister powder to the palette.(S901)