Pat Blair - Copperplate Variations - Jan 28, 29

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These classes are not hosted by John Neal Books.

The class will be two 2-hour sessions on Thursday, Jan. 28 and Friday, Jan. 29 via Zoom. Following the class, 30 minutes will be available for review and questions. You must load Zoom on your computer, please email me if you need help setting this up.

Copperplate calligraphy is an elegant and expressive hand, but with subtle differences in shape and form, many variations in the letterforms can be achieved. We will learn how we can give the hand many looks, while always maintaining the classic form. By varying weight, height and slant, we can create whole new alphabets. In this class, we will focus on giving the hand a bolder, more dramatic look by changing pressure and x-height. Through a series of exercises, the student will discover ways to create this new textures, and then apply them to their text. We will learn 2 alphabets that use this new personality of form.

Supply List:

  • 9" x 12" Canson Pro Marker Layout bond pad (P32)
  • favorite oblique holder (H133) (H115)
  • your pointed pen nibs, suggested are Hunt 22, Hunt 56, Hunt 101, Nikko G, Zebra, Gillott 303 (N77) (N113) (N118) (N93) (N86) (N72)
  • Moon Palace liquid sumi ink, McCaffreys Penmans Ink black, or Walnut Ink (I70) (I53) (I37)
  • containers for water (S1005)