Pat Blair - Early Spring Garden - April 21 and 22

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Early Spring Garden: A Wedge Brush Painting Class
with Pat Blair

Thursday, April 21 and Friday, April 22, 2022
The class will be two 2-hour sessions via Zoom.

The Triangle (or Wedge) Brush has become my favorite tool for graceful florals because they complement pointed pen work so well. In this class, you will learn how to use it to achieve graceful leaf shapes and petal shapes in a fresh, spontaneous way. Through a series of exercises, we will explore the feel and technique used to create these shapes, using the tool in 2 different ways to produce beautiful spring irises and pansies. A round brush will give us another petal shape for some variety. Small details will be added with pen and watercolor.

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  • A sheet of cold press Arches Watercolor Paper (it can be cut into fourths; a light weight is good for practice), or a pad such as Canson Watercolor or MixedMedia. (PS41) (P113)
  • Triangle (Wedge) brush, medium or large (BR59)
  • Tube watercolors. Suggested colors for this class include Alizarin Crimson, Madder Lake Deep Ultramarine Violet, Winsor Violet, Sap Green, New Gamboge, Cad Yellow, Prussian Blue, Cobalt Blue, Raw Umber, Payne’s Gray. (Not all are necessary; a good beginning is one of the purples, a yellow and a blue.) (WNWC1, WNWC2, WNWC3, WNWC4)
  • Synthetic squirrel quill brush or round brush, hairs 1" long, with a point. I found some suitable brushes at the local craft store.
  • A pointed pen holder and favorite nib, I favor an oblique holder because I use it for lettering, but a straight holder is OK if that is what you are used to.
  • 2 small water containers (S1005)
  • A small palette (S679) (S747)
  • Pencil (PL38) (PL11)
  • Eraser (E13)