Pat Blair - Spencerian Script Capitals - Sept 23, 24

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Spencerian Script - Capital Letters

Thursday, September 23 and Friday, September 24

11:30 am - 1:30 pm EDT ( East Coast United States)

Spencerian Script, or Ornamental Penmanship, is the beautiful, flourished style of writing that was developed in the latter half of the nineteenth century.  Over a century later, it is still admired for its delicate and exquisitely graceful forms - the lyrical lowercase and the dramatic and expressive capitals.

This introductory course will explore the beautiful, dramatic CAPITAL letters. After learning the best tools and materials to use to achieve spencerian’s signature light and graceful look, we will study the unique pressure strokes that comprise the classic spencerian capital form: the compound curve, direct oval and capital stem. Each capital letter will be studied, learning the pressure strokes needed for the dramatic shades and delicate balance between them and the delicate hairlines.


  • Oblique pen holder (H114) (H133)
  • Favorite pointed pen nibs, such as Zebra G, Gillott 303 or Hunt 22  (N118) (N72) (N93)
  • Black ink (Sumi Moon Palace) or Walnut Ink (I70) (I145)
  • Canson Pro-Marker Pad, 9x12 (P32)