Pat Blair - Twenty Layouts 2 - Sept 29-30

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a "Design Studio" workshop
With Pat Blair

THURSDAY, Sept. 29, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM  EDT
FRIDAY, Sept. 30, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM EDT (East Coast United States)

All who have some lettering and illustration/painting experience, or who are planning to!

This course is a repeat of the class offered in August, the course content is the same, but we will be doing different layouts.

This class will cover the fundamentals of design to create a successful layout that combines lettering and the beautiful painted florals we have been studying (or your own)!

You will learn:

  1. 20 layout ideas to use with small compositions
  2. Successful placement of elements combining one word or small poems with a floral or flourish element you are familiar with.
  3. How to create thumbnail sketches to help explore ideas
  4. How to transfer your initial idea to good paper and set up a pencil guide
  5. How to use color to reinforce a mood or feeling

As part of the "Design Studio" series, we will be working on multiple studio projects, from concept to finished piece, as time allows. Each student can choose the lettering style and floral element they would like to work with. I will be demonstrating with the wedge brush, but any illustration style will do. 

Instruction in lettering and illustration/painting is not part of the class, but it will be demonstrated. 

The class will be two 2-hour sessions on Thursday, Sept. 29 and Friday, Sept. 30 via Zoom.
Following the class, 30 minutes will be available for review and questions.
You must load Zoom on your computer, please email me if you need help setting this up.

A Video of the class will be available for all enrolled students available for 4 weeks.

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  • Several sheets of copy paper, for sketching thumbnails.
  • A sheet of hot press Arches Watercolor Paper, 90 lb, (PA42, PS42) or a pad such as Canson MixMedia
  • Several sheets of tracing paper (P43, P112)
  • Pointed Pen or Broad Pen for lettering (N113, N120, N93, N77) (N02, N04, N09)
  • Ink or Gouache for lettering (I08, I70, I145) (SG27, WNG1, WNG2, WNG3)
  • Triangle (Wedge) brush for floral painting, (BR59, BR70) (or your favorite)
  • Tube watercolors for the floral painting (WNWC1, WNWC2, WNWC3, WNWC4)
  • Small plastic or ceramic palette (S1094, S747)
  • Small container for gouache
  • Containers for water (S1005, S1151)
  • Pencil (PL38, PL21)
  • Eraser (E13, E09)
  • T-square (S753, S623)
  • Scissor
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