Playing with Gold! with Dan Mooney

This class will familiarize participants and build their confidence with the beautiful art of gilding. Understanding the simplicity of gilding makes it easier to integrate gold into any piece you may want to create. In this fun class, you will learn simple flat and raised gilding techniques on a finished piece. After the gold is laid, you will use various tools to "tool" the gold with patterns and enhance edges to make the gold more reflective. Ormoline gilding medium will be used for flat gilding, and Instacoll will be used for raised gilding. After the gilding is complete, basic watercolor tips and techniques will be used for an oval acanthus border.

Class Supplies
(No substitutions please!)
  • Clear dappen dish (S620) (we will be using bottom of dish upside-down, flat-bottomed dappen will not work)
  • Princeton monogram brush (BR48)
  • Instacoll in 2 oz. Nalgene dropper bottle (S892) must be fresh
  • Ormoline gilding medium (S929)
  • 5 sheets PATENT gold 23K (S189-5)
  • bookbinder's awl (S255)
  • double-ended ball stylus with different sized tips (S478)
  • 1 sheet 9" X 12" 140# 100% cotton hot press watercolor paper (PA47-9)
  • watercolors whatever tubes you have (blue, red, yellow, we will be mixing) OR John Neal beginner set (WNWC1, S609) OR Prang watercolor set of 16 half pans, comes with brush and cover is mixing palette; any watercolor brush with good point for detail; flat mixing palette (small white plate is fine, styrofoam okay) (S679, S1094)
  • blending stump or 10 Q-tips (S781)
  • drafting tape (S412)
  • 2H pencil (PL38)
  • blue ball point pen
  • paper towels (S817)
  • two water containers (S784)

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