Regenia Paige (@regeniapaigecalligraphy) - Center Formatting Your Calligraphy Project - Ongoing

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Center Formatting Your Calligraphy Project by Regenia Paige @regeniapaigecalligraphy

Centering your calligraphy is an important part of the process, but it can be frustrating and difficult without a solid method.  Regenia will help you take the mystery out of this step and teach you how to create layouts for commissioned pieces!

Cost: Access to all current classes $19 per month, $17 if paid annually

Pre-recorded classes: available until January 16th

Supply List:

  • Pencil—Blackwing Pencil—Pearl, 602 (Grey), or Blackwing (PL11)
  • Ruler—Wescott 12” ruler (S871)