Primitive to Modern - Month 6

Month 6: Experiencing the Book as a New Structure

• hole punch, ¼" (most single hole punches are that size), 1 per person
• electric drill (cordless or with cord, either one), with ¼" and 1/8" drill bits, 1 per table
• xacto with several #11 blades (S417, S130)
• scissors
• metal ruler (S271)
• triangle (S613)
• cutting board
• grid pad (P21)
• glue stick (S391)
• newspapers, lots
• water bowls, 2 each (S848)
• cheap 1" housepainters brushes from hardware store, 2 each
• bone folder (S308)
• 2 sided tape, one roll each person
• removable tape, one roll each person (S699)

Everyone got a copy of the DVD with images of stained glass. We used them last time for our project and we will use them again this time for some of the pages for our book.
I would like for everyone to bring the following to class:
• 11" x 17": color copies, at least 5 different ones
• 11" x 17": B & W copies, at least 5 different ones
• 8 ½" x 11": B & W transparency, at least 3 different ones
In choosing which colors, visual patterns, etc., individuals may want to consider the quote. The quote we will be using for our text is, "The human heart is a theater of longing." I will have this printed out in various sizes and colors on different media so it would be difficult for people to substitute their own quote. Remindpeople this is purely for the sake of learning this technique, using different media, designing for a new book format.
It would help a great deal if you could get 100 manilla folders perhaps at Office Max, etc. We can factor that into the class materials fee.