Reggie Ezell 26 Seeds

Reggie Ezell 26 Seeds: A Year to Grow 2017

Memphis, TN
Temecula, CA
Boston, MA
New Orleans, LA


Reggie's Recommendations:

In regards to practice paper
Reggie recommends using "good" paper for your practice. He likes the precut 8.5"x11" Arches WC HP 90 lb (PA42).
A set of Reggie's guidelines (GL08) is copied onto the sheets.
He recommends this for your practice throughout the course.

In regards to fine papers
Per Reggie: "I'd like them to begin the year with a full sheet of each of the papers (a kind of starter set).
They'll eventually go through them and wind up individually ordering more of the ones that become their favorites as the try them through the year."

"Always" Supply List
You should bring these supplies to every class. Additional supplies needed for each class listed below.

Mitchell Nibs – at least 2 each of sizes 2 through 4 (N04/N05)
Brause EF 66 Pointed Nibs, 4 or 5 (N70)
Speedball "B" Nibs, all sizes (N16, N16-S)
Speedball C-1 & C-2 Nibs (N09)
Other nibs that are your favorites
Double-Ended Wooden Pen Holder (at least one) (H39)
Mechanical Pencil / Lead Holder (2 mm) (S650)
Mechanical Pencil Leads (3B, HB, 2H, 5H and non-repro blue) (S651)
Sharpener for Mechanical Pencils S649 or Rotary Lead Pointer (S859)
White Vinyl Eraser, pencil-shaped (E12, E06)
Ruler, 18" or 24" long (S271,S503)
Slant Board (S156-L, S160-L, S697, S690)
Grid Pad, 11" x 17", made for calligraphy (P21 dark)
Moon Palice Sumi Black Ink (I70)
Mixing Brushes, Hog Bristle (3 each) (BR43)
Water Dropper (w/ distilled water) (S706, S897-2)
Xacto Knife with #10 and #11 Blades (S417, S129, S130)
Paper Towels (S817)
Masking Tape (S931)
Fingernail File/Buffer, 4 to 6 sided
Magnifier, 10X or higher (S657)
Ballpoint Pen, red fine (M08)
Permanent Black Marker size 01 and 08 size Micron (M17)
Winsor Newton Gum Arabic, (I84)
Arches Watercolor Paper (PS42)
Arches WC HP 90 lb 8.5"x11" (PA42)
Reggie Ezell Guidelines for Calligraphy (GL08)
Glassine Sheet (PS94)
WN Gouache -- Ivory Black (WNG331)
WN Gouache -- Permanent White (WNG512)
WN Gouache -- Primary Blue (WNG523)
WN Gouache -- Primary Red (WNG524)
WN Gouache -- Primary Yellow (WNG527)
Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White (I38)
Six-well Mixing Pans (3) (S679)
Watercolor Brush, good pointed size 1 0r 2 (BR28)
Water Bowls (2) (Cool Whip)
Tracing Paper, 8.5" x 11" (P43)
Saral Transfer Paper Pack (S654)
Letraset Burnisher, spoon shaped (S661)
Workable matte spray fixative, Krylon or Blair (S763, S653)
Removable Tape (S699)
Ames Lettering Guide: The Original (S91)

Session 2 Supplies List

All "Always" Supplies Plus:
Prepared Set of Mitchell Broad-Edge Nibs (N04-S10B/N05-S10B)
Pointed Brush, #2 or smaller (Acrylic)
Clean, sharp scissors, 7" or larger
Red ball point pen
Glassine squares 5" x 5" (10) (PS94)

Session 3 Supplies

All Previous Supplies Plus:
Glue Stick (S391)

Session 4 Supplies

All January and March Supplies Plus:
Large Needle, 2" (S219)
Black Ink Stick* – optional (IS09, IS10, IS11, IS12, S689)
Grinding Stone* for Black Ink Stick – optional (IS19)
Color Ink Sticks* -- optional
Gaken Dishes for Color Ink Sticks* – optional (IS20)
Bone Folder – optional (S308)
*Bring these only if you already have them. Do not buy in advance to class.

Session 5 Supplies

All previous Supplies Plus:
Linex Liner

Session 6 Supplies

Pentel Color Brushes (FP57)
1/4" Broad Edge Brush (BR24, BR01)
Large Brass Pens, Variety (N27)

Paper List
Arches WC Hot Press (3 sheets, sessions 1, 2, 4, 5) (PS42)
Arches Text Wove (1 sheet, sessions 3, 4) (PS01-FS)
Arches Black Cover (1 sheet, session 2) (PS90)
Chiri (1 sheet, session 2) Reggie will supply
Frankfurt (1 sheet, session 4) (PS04)
Glassine (3 sheets, sessions 1, 2, 3, 4) (PS94)
Nideggan (1 sheet, session 3, 5) (PS93)
New Diploma Parchment (4 sheets, sessions 2, 3, 4, 5) (PS84-FS)

If a paper is listed for a session, please bring at least one sheet 11"x17" to use in class.