Rendez-vous 2019

Rendez-vous 2019

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Amity Parks
Bold and Blended – Chunky Capitals and Minuscules in Belgian
Bister Inks

Andrea Wunderlich
Who is Afraid of Rudolph Koch?

Annie Cicale
Romans You Can Cope With
History and Geometry in Medieval Scripts

Barbara Close
Power Pages – Layout & Design Techniques

Benoit Furet
Filigrees & Versals from the Gothic Period

Carl Rohrs
The Circle Expands – Eclectic Inspiration and Modern Calligraphy

Cherryl Moote
Amuse Bouche

Christopher Haanes
Vitalize Your Hands

Cláudio Gil
BLACK – Gothic Eyes for Nibs and Brushes

David McGrail
I flamed amazement…

Elmo van Slingerland
Roman Capitals - from Formal to Informal

Ewan Clayton
Uncials - The Full Story

Gemma Black
Retro Deco
Rhythmic Capitals

Georgia Angelopoulos
The Design Process with William Morris

Harvest Crittenden
Spencerian Flourished Caps
Spencerian Lettering

Heather Held
The Dancing Line

Julien Chazal
Calligraphie, traces et compositions
La Chancelière dans tous ses états

Loredana Zega
Dry Brushing the Romans and Flames

Lorna Mulligan
Loosening up with Calligraphy and Paint – Where Chaos Meets Composition

Marina Soria
Calligraphy in Blossom
The Empty Space, Womb of Shape

Massimo Polello
All Writings Lead to Rome: through Rigor and Freedom

Pamela Paulsrud
Sounding the Inner Landscape

Peter Thornton
Contrast - The Magic Ingredient
The Ruling Pen…The Perfect Foil

Pierre Tardif
Sign Painting – Block Letters
Sign Painting – Casual & Script Lettering

Renée Alexander
Leaf and Letters

Rick Paulus
The Calligrapher’s Process – From Conception to Completion
The Truly Flexible Pointed Pen

Sophie Klesen
Decorated Letter and Border: 16th Century Renaissance
Pigments: The Colour Chart

Yukimi Annand
The Foundational Hand from Form to Design