Randall M Hasson - Romitalic: Developing a Personalized Letterform - Ongoing

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Romitalic: Developing a Personalized Letterform with Randall Hasson

  • Pre-recorded, Online, Extended Access

Learn a soft, rounded Italic based on the Roman form – and be inspired to create your own personalized letterform. Romitalic is a prerecorded class that you can watch on your own schedule, with over 3.5 hours of instruction, and includes copious handouts and resources.

  • A Unique Hybrid Format

Hybrid classes combine the best of both worlds! For guilds, groups and/or small conferences, a combination of live class presentation and pre-recorded lessons will allow for the social component of a guild workshop combined with self-paced lessons over a 4 – 6-week period. Contact Randall for further details.

Join Randall Hasson on his journey of discovery and come away with a new lettering style as well as valuable ideas on how you can analyze a letterform you like and create something specific to your hand. The lettering on a book cover provided the first spark of inspiration, while an advertisement from the 1920s set in motion the process of developing this new personalized letterform. Following a flurry of research into traditional Italic and Roman forms – as well as show card lettering styles of the early twentieth century – a soft, rounded, lyrical Italic hand evolved that Randall calls Romitalic.


  • Speedball C-4 (N09)

Ink, paper and tools:

  • Straight pen holders (Click HERE for the JNB selection of straight holders)

Nicely flowing inks like walnut or sumi:

  • Walnut ink crystals (S449)
  • Walnut ink crystals jar (S450, S260, S276)
  • Tom Norton's Walnut Drawing Ink (I53)
  • Moon Palace sumi ink (I70)
  • Bister Ink powder (I157)

Graph paper with 1" grid - choose from a smooth finish (dark and light grid color) or bond paper:

  • JNB Graph Pad 11x17, 50 sheets - choose Dark or Light (P21)
  • Gilbert Bond Graph Pad 11x17, 50 sheets (P72) - if you like a little tooth

If you are preparing other papers that you like to write on, a ruler and triangle are useful for adding guidelines in pencil. (Note: If you are using a metal ruler with a cork backing, a triangle with a flat side is preferable to a beveled edge, as the bevel may slip under the ruler.)

  • Metal ruler, 18 inch (S271)
  • Westcott Clear Plastic Grid Ruler with Metal Cutting Edge, 18 inch (S871)
  • Triangle: 12 inch 45/90 (S613)