Anne Robin - Virtual Workshops

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John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

Anne Robin is offering her comprehensive Beginner Pointed Pen workshop and also a variety of shorter workshops, conducted over Zoom. Classes will be very limited in size to make sure we have plenty of time for guided feedback and Q&A.

May 23 at 2 - 5:30 PM PST
In this course you will learn the basics of pointed pen calligraphy. How to use the tools, how to troubleshoot, and a basic lowercase script. It will run approximately 3.5 hours including a little bit of a break.

Finding Your Own Style
June 27 at 10 AM to 12 PM PST
We will go through a series of exercises to work on tweaking, expanding, and changing a calligraphy style that you are used to using, with the goal of finding a completely new style that is unique and can become a signature for you.

Brush Lettering
June 3 at 3 - 5 PM PST
Learn the basics of brush lettering in this workshop. We will use a variety of brushes and learn to letter in both a proper script and also a more stylized one.

Capital Letters
June 13 at 2 - 4 PM PST
Since we never have much time to devote to capital letters in Beginner workshops, this workshop will focus specifically on them. We will go through different options for script caps, including some of the main flourishes you can use for caps, and even discuss how to develop your own.