Rosemary Buczek

Supplies used in Rosemary Buczek's DVD
Gilding & Painting The Illuminated Letter

BR46. Raphael Kolinsky 8404. Find point round for watercolor. Sizes 0, 1.
These bushes are handmade with the finest Kolinsky Red Sable. Multiple hair lengths ensure tightest possible point and a full belly for a high paint load. They have superior resiliency, spring and snap.
Size 0. List $22.05. Sale $18.73
Size 1. List $26.60. Sale $22.63

BR47. Raphael Kolinsky 8408. Sizes 0, 1 (Pointed round brush).
The same superior quality sable as the 8404, but an extra-fine tapered point with a smaller belly for quick, precise strokes. Extremely responsive tip.
Size 0. List $22.05. Sale $18.73
Size 1. List $26.60. Sale $22.63

BR48. Princeton Monogram Brush #20/0. List $8.45. JNB Price $7.45
BR48. Princeton Liner Brush #20/0. List $8.45. JNB Price $7.45
These are small, precise synthetic sable brushes for precise tasks. They are superb for fine detail in watercolor, as well as gouache, acrylic and oil. The wooden handles are specially finished to allow a comfortable but firm grip and ultimate control. The finest synthetic sable assures perfect pointing. The Linger Brush has long fibers, the Monogram Brush shorter ones.

BR26. Winsor Newton Sceptre Gold 101 Series. Size 0. List $6.95. JNB Price $5.65
For fine detail, lines & washes. A traditional and popular head shape for all-purpose water color work. Can be used for broad strokes yet it will also form a sharp point. They possess excellent color holding capacity, sensitivity, spring and durability.

N33. Haff (Thomas Hoyer) Ruling Pen. A fine crafted, traditional ruling pen. 5"; nickel-plated tool steel alloy. From Germany. Thomas Hoyer has introduced the tool at several conferences and workshops in the USA and Europe. He and others use this ruling pen for expressive lettering. Rosemary Buczek uses a traditional ruling pen like this for drawing lines. $22.50

S478. Double Ended Ball Stylus. Two tips with different sized balls. Judy Melvin uses this tool in her "Walnut and Sumi Inks & Embossing" technique described in Art Expose (B3044, $14.95). Rosemary Buczek uses it to score patterns in the gold. $2.99

S892. Instacoll (gold size) Yellow color. 100ml.
Reggie Ezell loves this gold size for mirror finish gilding. It is so easy! Yellow color allows you to see what you have applied. Directions included with your order. $21.50

S194. Dogtooth (Agate) burnisher. This small burnisher is crafted for us in Germany. It's great for a variety of burnishing needs. $32.00

S613. Triangle. Used as a straight edge with Haff Ruling Pen to outline gold size. $4.95

Rosemary prefers Winsor & Newton colors, and in the DVD she is using watercolor.
The double primary palette consists of
WN263. Ultramarine Blue (French Ultramarine). $10.10
WN137. Cerulean Blue. (AA) $11.30
WN348. Lemon Yellow Deep (AA). $10.10
WN108. Cadmium Yellow (A). $13.25
WN466. Permanent Alizarin Crimson (A). $11.30
WN094. Cadmium Red (A). $13.25

Rosemary uses a Rapidograph Pen in the DVD. If you don't already own and use Rapidograph Pens, she recommends using a Pigma Micron Pen, sizes 005 and 01 or a similar pigmented, waterproof fine tip marker.
M17. Pigma Micron Marker. Sizes 005, 01. $2.79 each

S771. Pocket Pal Template (General Purpose). 3 1/2" x 5 1/8", green plastic. This general purpose template contains 1/32" to 1" circles, hexagons, triangles and squares. This template is helpful for decorating illuminated letters, making repeated shapes, etc. $9.00
9"x12" piece of Hot Press watercolor paper.
PS47-SM. Arches Hot Press 90lb watercolor paper. 9"x12". One sheets. $2.50