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N70. Brause 66EF Nib
Very flexible. Will give thick down strokes and fine thins. One of our most popular nibs for copperplate. Nibs are of consistent manufacture. Also called Arrow Nib.
Quantity price at 10 and 50.

Purchase TAB2.4 & BL6.2 for articles that discuss the characteristics in detail of the various pointed nibs. $8.50 each.

Your Price $1.79 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H96. Adjusted Oblique Plastic Holder with Metal Flange
This comfort-grip, black plastic, “hourglass” holder with an oblique brass flange is a great improvement over the Speedball Oblique Holder. The flange is tilted to decrease the angle of the nib to the paper, making your upstokes less likely to catch on the paper and the flange is pre-adjusted for our most popular nibs.
For right-handers, the offset flange allows for the slant of pointed pen scripts without having to severely cant the writing paper. Some left-handed scribes also use an oblique pen holder.
This replaces the Peerless Oblique Holders.

This holder does not include a nib.

Specify Size: Brause 66EF, Gillott 303, Nikko G or Principal EF.
(Like all similar holders, the flange can be adjusted for additional nib sizes. If you would like holders for a class adjusted for a different nib, let us know and we will add the size to our inventory.)

What do the dots mean?
Red Dot - adjusted for the Nikko
Green Dot - adjusted for the 303
Purple Dot - adjusted for the 66ef
Blue Dot - adjusted for the Prin

Click here to see a chart showing which nibs will fit this holder.

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H70. Hunt 104 Pen Holder
A small, straight plastic penholder.

For Hunt 99, 100, 103, 104. Also fits Brause 66EF.

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H115. Adjusted Turned Wood Oblique Holder
H115. Adjusted Turned Wood Oblique Holder.

The Ornamental Wood Holder has intricate ornamental turnings inspired by those on the Century Penholders. Color of holder varies.
The Tapered Wood Holder has a finely tapered classic shape. All Tapered are the same dark brown/black color.
The Ebony Wood Holder has the same design as the Ornamental version, but is made out of a very dark (almost black) African hardwood. This version is slightly heavier than the other versions.
The Zanerian Wood Holder is made using the same wood (and colors) as the Ornamental version. The Zanerian design is a very slim shaft with a small finial on the tip.

Choose nib: 66EF (Brause 66EF), 303 (Gillott 303), PRIN (Principal EF), NIKK (Nikko G).

H115 sizes and the nibs they accommodate:
66EF: N70-Brause 66EF, N73-Gillott 290, N76-Gillott 1068A, N97-Hunt 512.
NIKKO: N113-Nikko G, N118-Zebra, N81-Hiro #40, N90-Brause Steno, N69-Brause Rose, N74-Gillott 404, N98-Hunt 513EF, N137-Tachikawa G
PRIN: N120-Principal EF, N77-Hunt 101, N82-Hiro Crown, N86-Hunt 56, N88-Hunt 99, N93-Hunt 22, N102-Gillott 1950
303: N72-Gillott 303, N108-Brause 511, N126-Brause 515, N83-Hiro 700, N99-Brause 513

These adjusted holders come ready-to-write, with the nib inserted.

Quantity price for 12 or more: $19.95 each


Your Price $24.95 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H99. General Pencil Cork Tip Holder
This cork tip holder is made by General Pencil Company.

A nice blond wood holder, it uses the standard metal nib grip. A larger base covered with cork provides a solid grip.

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N117-1. Pointed Nib Sampler:1 each
Copperplate/Spencerian Nib Assortment

One each of the 30 pointed nibs listed below. These nibs are used for Copperplate and Spencerian writing, as well as for pen & ink drawing. Does not include vintage nibs or music nib.

The nibs in the assortment are:
Brause 66EF, Rose, Steno

Gillott 170, 290, 291, 303, 404, 659, 1068A, 1950

Hiro Crown, 111EF, 40 (Blue pumpkin), 700

Hunt 22B, 56, 99, 100, 101, 103, 108

Mitchell Elbow

Nikko G

Zebra G

Tachikawa G

Leonardt G, Shakespeare, Index, Principal EF

Your Price $40.61 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

N204. Ink Cage Reservoir + Nib
N204. Ink Cage Reservoir + Nib

The revolutionary Ink Cage is a reservoir for pointed pen nibs. It allows you to write or flourish much longer before re-dipping. The Ink Cage is sold permanently attached to the nib of your choice. It is not removable or reusable.

Choose nib:
Titanium Zebra G
Zebra G (steel)
Brause Rose
Nikko G
Brause Blue Pumpkin (Steno 361)
Leonardt Principal EF
Hunt 101
Gillott 404
Brause 66EF

Click here for important cleaning instructions.

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BL10.2. Bound & Lettered Vol.10, No.2
Bound & Lettered Vol.10, No.2

The Summit Envelopes
  by Cecelia Harris
Sitting Pretty
  by Gail Stevens
The Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild
   by Gail Stevens
Three-Dimensional Designing
  by Julie Gray
A Golden Proportion
  by Annie Cicale
Pointed Nibs, Not Just for Copperplate
  by Corinna Taylor
A Pocketful of Outdoors
  by Carol Rawlings
Creating a Coptic-Bound Sketchbook with Art Paper
  by Sandy Wagner
Lettering On the Walls of a Church
  by Holly Monroe
Using the Linex Lining Guide
  by Carol Henshaw
Christmas Letters
  by Cate Hibbitt
Ice Cold Calligraphy
  by Nancy Anderson

Look inside this issue (cover, table of contents, selected pages). This is a large file and may take some time to load.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

H54. 5/8in (Thicker) Adjusted Century Oblique Penholder
5/8" Century Oblique Pen Holder

Joe Vitolo has modified the design of the Century Oblique Holder. The thicker holder may reduce hand fatigue. Wood color varies.

The penholders are adjusted to the nib you would like to use. A nib is included with each holder.

Brause 66EF
Gillott 303
Principal EF
Nikko G

Click here to see a chart showing which nibs will fit this holder.

Your Price Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

K118. Deluxe Modern Calligraphy Kit
K118. Deluxe Modern Calligraphy Kit

This kit contains all the items needed to learn Modern Calligraphy, with deluxe wooden penholders.

Book: Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe
Holders: Turned Wood Ornamental Straight & Oblique
Nibs: 2 each: Nikko G, Hiro Blue Pumpkin, Brause 66ef
Ink: Moon Palace Sumi 2-ounce
Marker: Pentel Sign Pen Brush Tip Black
Paper: Rhodia Dot Grid Pad
Inkwell: Jumbo Dinky Dip (1 jar)

Molly Suber Thorpe's book teaches her bold style of Copperplate that looks stylish and fresh, yet still refined. After an overview of supplies, you learn letters, words, then phrases with the clear instructions and exemplars. You then learn how to write with gouache and watercolor and how to digitize your calligraphy for printed items. The 20 projects provide inspiration for weddings, entertainment, and personal stationery. The final section is practical info for the working scribe, including strategies for large-batch projects and hints for left-handers.

Your Price $81.21 Increase Quantity Decrease Quantity

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