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K101-B. Copperplate Kit: Blackwell Holder
Deluxe Copperplate Kit with Blackwell Holder

All the items you need to learn Copperplate. Contains the instructional book Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters and materials that go along with her book: Blackwell Plastic Oblique Holder, Gum Arabic Powder, 2 JNB "Mastering Copperplate" Practice Pad (8.5"x11", 50 sheets), Canson Pro Layout Pad (9x12, 50 sheets), 6 Nikko G nibs, 3 Hunt 56 nibs, 1 Zebra G nib, Higgins Eternal Ink.
The Blackwell Plastic Oblique Holder has the metal flange that allows you to easily use most any pointed nib and also adjusts the angle of the nib to the paper to reduce catching on upstrokes.

For beginners, Eleanor now recommends Nikko G Nibs, which were not available when she wrote the book. This kit includes 6 Nikko G Nibs, in addition to the nibs above.

Your Price $108.52

K104. Italic Calligraphy Beginner's Kit
Use this instructional and informative workbook and a fountain pen that exactly fits the exercises.Kit contains Simply Calligraphy by Judy Detrick, A 2.0mm Pilot Parallel Pen, and a pad of JNB Graph paper.

B4091. Simply Calligraphy
FP68 - 2.0. Left hand modified Pilot Parallel Pen.
P22. JNB Graph Pad.

To see the items in this kits, please search for FP68, B4091, and P22. (separate searches).

Your Price $36.89

K105. Calligraphy Dip Pen Beginner's Set
Calligraphy Dip Pen Starter Kit.

This kit contains everything you need to begin your journey into calligraphy: nibs and holder, ink, an instructional book and practice paper that won't bleed. These products are highest quality and come highly recommended. The Broad Edge Sampler is a small set of different brands of Broadedge nibs to let you get a feel for each nib, ideal for beginners, the Higgins Ink is non waterproof and won't build up on your nibs if you rinse it off after every use, the cotton comp pad does not feather or bleed, and Art & Craft of Hand Lettering is is an excellent manual.

Kit contents:
B4254. Art & Craft of Hand Lettering (New Ed) / Cicale
H62. Mahogany Pen Holder
N207. Broad Edge Nib Sampler
I08. Higgins Eternal Ink
P39. Cotton Comp Pad

Your Price $66.78

K111. Jessica Yee Calligraphy 101
K111. Jessica Yee Calligraphy 101

1 N09 Speedball C Nibs - C2
1 H134 Golden Sunshine
1 N113 Nikko G nib
1 P09-100 Boris Layout Pad
1 S934 Screw-top Dinky Dip - Square
1 S141 Pipette (10pk)
1 S142 Design Drawing Pencil - HB
1 I28 Ziller Glossy Black
1 S817 Viva Paper towels

Your Price $56.16

FP144. A to Zig Calligraphy Practice Kit
FP144. A to Zig Calligraphy Practice Kit.

Each kit comes with a waterbrush and two reusable, pre-printed practice sheets on a special paper. You fill the brush with plain water and practice your letters directly on the included sheets. Your letters gradually disappear as they dry, allowing you to use the practice sheets again and again. There are two kits to choose from:

Broad: Calligraphy Practice Kit, with a broad-edged waterbrush, one practice sheet of only guidelines, and one practice sheet with an Italic exemplar alphabet to trace and copy.

Brush: Brush Lettering Practice Kit, with a pointed-tip waterbrush, one ruled practice sheet, and one blank practice sheet.

Your Price $16.00

K118. Deluxe Modern Calligraphy Kit
K118. Deluxe Modern Calligraphy Kit

This kit contains all the items needed to learn Modern Calligraphy, with deluxe wooden penholders.

Book: Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe
Holders: Turned Wood Ornamental Straight & Oblique
Nibs: 2 each: Nikko G, Hiro Blue Pumpkin, Brause 66EF
Ink: Moon Palace Sumi 2-ounce
Marker: Pentel Sign Pen Brush Tip Black
Paper: Rhodia Dot Grid Pad
Inkwell: Jumbo Dinky Dip (1 jar)

Molly Suber Thorpe's book teaches her bold style of Copperplate that looks stylish and fresh, yet still refined. After an overview of supplies, you learn letters, words, then phrases with the clear instructions and exemplars. You then learn how to write with gouache and watercolor and how to digitize your calligraphy for printed items. The 20 projects provide inspiration for weddings, entertainment, and personal stationery. The final section is practical info for the working scribe, including strategies for large-batch projects and hints for left-handers.

Your Price $91.78

K120. Logos Calligraphy Copperplate Kit
K120. Logos Calligraphy Copperplate Kit

This kit contains all the tools needed to learn Copperplate Calligraphy. The portable pads were thoughtfully created to help you build muscle memory and take your calligraphy to the next level! Perfect for those who are just getting into calligraphy or for seasoned calligraphers who desire to refine their script.

Pads are 7"x10" and feature:
Gold foiled textured cover, Traceable letters, Instructional letter breakdowns, Perforated pages (43 sheets), Extra pages for practice.

Kit contains:
Uppercase Pad
Lowercase Pad
1/2 ounce jar Moon Palace Sumi
Dual Use Workshop Penholder
Nikko G nibs (3)

These pads work well with the following inks: Sumi, Acrylic, McCaffery's; thinner inks (walnut, Higgins Eternal) might feather a bit.

Your Price $55.64

K122. Calligraphy for Kids Kit (Right Hand)
K122. Calligraphy for Kids Kit (Right Hand)

This kit contains everything you need for a child to learn calligraphy! This makes a great gift for any child that is interested in lettering.

Included in Kit:
"Calligraphy for Kids" by Eleanor Winters
Zig Cocoiro Lettering Pen (Black)
PIlot Parallel Pen 3.8mm
Zig Calligraphy Pen (3.0mm, Black)
Gilbert 8.5"x11" pad

Your Price $41.79

K125. Modern Calligraphy 101 (@crookedcalligraphy)
K125. Modern Calligraphy 101 Kit

This kit contains the items needed for Modern Calligraphy 101, taught by Crooked Calligraphy (Shinah).
Kit includes:
H129 Dual Use Workshop Holder
I70 Moon Palace Sumi Ink 6 oz
S844 1/2 oz jar (x 2)
N113 Nikko G nib (x 2)
N90 Brause Steno nib (x 2)

Your Price $27.66

K121. King Blotto Starter Calligraphy Kit
K121. King Blotto Starter Calligraphy Kit

The King Blotto Starter Calligraphy Kit contains everything you need to get started lettering, carefully curated by King Blotto III (Instagram: @kingblottothethird).

Kit contents:
Rhodia Ice Pad (8.25"x11.75" Graph)
Brause Steno nib x 3
Hunt 101 nib x 3
Jumbo Dinky Dip
Higgins Eternal Ink
Turned Wood Zanerian Oblique Holder

Also recommended: S741. Finetec Gold Palette

Your Price $45.73

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