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FP39. Rotring ArtPen Cartridges
Rotring Cartridges

Box of 6. Black. For the Rotring Calligraphy ArtPen.

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FP36. Rotring ArtPen Calligraphy Pen
Rotring Calligraphy Art Pen

Pen & Two Cartridges. Specify Size: 1.1, 1.5, 1.9, 2.3.

A sleek, longstaffed, smooth writing, and remarkably light-in-weight pen. Ink cartridges are a dense, matte black.

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FP38. New Rotring Calligraphy Set
New Rotring Calligraphy Pen Set

This new set has a 1.5mm ArtPen plus two interchangeable nib units with caps (1.9 & 2.3 mm) plus a box of cartridges.

Sleek, longstaffed, smooth writing, and remarkably light in weight pen. Ink cartridges are a dense, matte black.

The old set had three complete pens and was significantly more expensive. The old set is no longer available. This set has only one complete pen (plus two nib/cap units).

Your Price $60.06

FP145. Mitchell Artisan Calligraphy Set
FP145. Mitchell Artisan Calligraphy Set

Artisan Calligraphy Set. One barrel and 5 chisel-edge writing nibs: .9, 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, and 2.1mm. Includes 5 standard short black cartridges and a piston-fill converter for use with bottled fountain pen ink.

The nibs in these new sets are sturdy, they give especially smooth writing, and their flow is good - even in the largest size. (The nibs are similar to the Rotring Calligraphy Artpen nibs, but the barrels are short like traditional fountain pens, making the pens practical to carry in pocket or purse.) From the maker of Mitchell dip pen nibs. See FP138 for a 3-nib set, FP146 for cartridges.

Your Price $29.95

B4127. Scripsit 37.2 & 38.1: Hermann Zapf
B4127. Scripsit 37.2 & 38.1 (Double Issue): Hermann Zapf: A Life in Letters. 2016. 72pp. 8.5"x11. Paper

72-page memorial tribute to Hermann Zapf (1918-2015), compiled, written, and designed by Julian Waters. Nearly 200 illustrations.

Chapters: Early Years, First Steps in Calligraphy, The Wartime Sketchbooks, Pen and Graver, Das Blumen ABC, Early Calligraphic Typefaces, Palatino, Optima, Gudrun Zapf von Hesse, Manual Typographicum ( 1955 & 1968).Typographic Variations, Book Design, Graphic and Calligraphic Art, Hallmark Film: The Art of Hermann Zapf, Hallmark Lettering Manual, Rotring Calligraphy Manual, Hallmark Typefaces, Hunt Roman, Zapf Civilete, Non-Latin Scripts, Orbis Typographicus, Designs for ITC, Early Digital Types, Zapf Renaissance, Zafino, Scraffitto.

While the cover has Vol 38 No 2 & Vol 37 No 1, this is double-issue 37.2 & 38.1.

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