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Saint John's Bible

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B3973. Complete Saint John's Bible, The
B3973. The Complete Saint John’s Bible: Gospels & Acts, Psalms, Prophets, Pentateuch, Wisdom Books, Historical Books, and Letters & Revelations.

SPECIAL OFFFER: All seven volumes of The Saint John's Bible for only $449.65. You save over $70.00!

The entire Bible is written by hand by a team of scribes: Donald Jackson, Brian Simpson, Sue Hufton, and Sally Mae Joseph. The many and wondrous illustrations and special text treatments are by Donald Jackson, Hazel Dolby, Thomas Ingmire, Sally Mae Joseph, Suzanne Moore, Chris Tomlin, and Diane von Arx. Each volume is 9.75"x15", hardcover, bound in red cloth and with a colorful dust jacket.

B2679. Gospels and Acts.2005. 136pp. $69.95
B2706. Psalms. 2006. 88pp. $59.95
B2707. Pentateuch. 2006. 158pp. $79.95
B2709. Prophets. 2007. 232pp. $69.95
B2710. Wisdom Books. 2007. 136pp. $64.95
B2708. Historical Books. 2011. 276pp $119.95
B2711. Letters & Revelation. 2012. 100pp. $54.95

Your Price $519.65

B2082. Art of the Saint John's Bible: Complete Reader's Guide / Sink
B2082. The Art of The Saint John's Bible: The Complete Reader's Guide by Susan Sink. 2013. 304pp. 6"x9". Paper

Combines the three volumes by this title in one. Since The Saint John's Bible is now complete, the text has been revised, making connections between images and motifs that reoccur throughout the work. Images are viewed and reflected on as part of the whole. The book will intensify and expand your experience with The Saint John's Bible.

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DVD30. Illuminator (St John's DVD)
The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century.

The documentary of the making of the Saint John’s Bible is now available on DVD. Donald Jackson and his staff used traditional calligraphic techniques with some modern twists in creating this 21st-century manuscript Bible. Ground pigments, egg yolks, gold, silver, and platinum are used in the illuminations; goose quills and antique stick ink for the text. 49 minutes.

All our DVDs are made to run on USA and Canada machines. If you live outside North America, you should check with the manual for your machine to see if it can play NTSC format DVDs. If your DVD player can’t play our DVDs, your computer may be able to.

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B3059. Praying the Word: Illuminated Prayers and Wisdom from SJB
Praying the Word: Illuminated Prayers and Wisdom from The Saint John's Bible. Donald Jackson. 2008. 76 pp. 5.75" x 11.75". Hardcover.

This title no longer includes the slipcase.

The magnificent text treatments found within The Saint John's Bible were created to honor some of the most cherished prayers and wisdom texts of the Bible. With unique calligraphy and colorful embellishments, these text treatments give life to the passages they reveal. This exquisite treasury collects more than 25 of these glorious portrayals. The facing page for each has a sentence of introduction along with the typeset text of the prayer/wisdom where appropriate. Full color throughout. Ribbon bookmark. Cloth covered binding.


Beatitudes from Gospels and Acts-Matthew 5:3-12
Magnificat from Gospels and Acts-Luke 1:46-55
Canticle of Zechariah from Gospels and Acts-Luke 1:68-79
You Shall Love the Lord Your God from Gospels and Acts-Matthew 22:37-4
0 Hear, O Israel from Gospels and Acts-Mark 12:29-31
Simeon's Prayer from Gospels and Acts-Luke 2:29-32
Our Father from Gospels and Acts-Matthew 6:9-13
You Shall Love the Lord Your God from Gospels and Acts-Luke 10:27
Those Who Believe In Me from Gospels and Acts-John 11:25-26
Repent and Be Baptized from Gospels and Acts-Acts 2:38
The Alien from Pentateuch-Leviticus 19:34-35
The Lord Bless and Keep You from Pentateuch-Numbers 6:24-26
Hear O Israel 2 from Pentateuch-Deuteronomy 6:4-5
Choose Life from Pentateuch-Deuteronomy 30:19-20
Isaiah 1: 16-17 from Prophets-Isaiah 1:16-17
Isaiah 2: 4 from Prophets-Isaiah 2:4
Comfort, O Comfort my people from Prophets-Isaiah 40:1-5
Listen to me from Prophets-Isaiah 49:1-4
Isaiah 60:1-3 from Prophets-Isaiah 60:1-3
Now the Word of the Lord from Prophets-Jeremiah 1:4-10
He has told you 6:8 from Prophets-Micah 6:8
Psalm 150 from Psalms-Psalm 150
Psalm 107 from Psalms-Psalm 107
Psalm 90 from Psalms-Psalm 90
Psalm 73 from Psalms-Psalm 73
Psalm 42 from Psalms-Psalm 42

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B2708. Historical Books (St John's Bible)
The Saint John's Bible: Historical Books.
Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator.
2010. 276pp. 9.75" x15". Hardcover

This sixth of seven volumes has more pages than any of the earlier volumes. Historical Books magnifies the unwavering love of God for his people. Features twelve stunning full-page illuminations that depict in dramatic detail Bible passages that are both inspiring and thought-provoking. Numerous smaller illustrations complement the beautiful handwritten script and the elegant design.

Price increased with second printing.

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B2679. Gospels and Acts (St John's Bible)
Saint John’s Bible: Gospels and Acts.
Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator.
2005. 136pp. 9.75"x15". Hardcover.

The first volume in a seven-volume series of full-color, page-by-page reproductions from The Saint John’s Bible. Gospels and Acts has more than 25 illuminations, including full-page opening illuminations for each of the four gospels.

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B2706. Psalms (St John's Bible)
Saint John’s Bible: Psalms.
Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator.
2006. 88pp. 9.75"x15".

For the text of the Psalms, five distinct scripts are used. Visual representations of chants from Benedictine, Native American, Muslim, Taoist and other traditions are the basis for the exquisite illuminations.

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B3780. Illuminating the Word (2nd Ed) / Calderhead
Illuminating the Word: The Making of The Saint John's Bible (Second Edition) by Christopher Calderhead.
2015. 240pp. 9-5/8" x 11-3/8". Hardcover

Takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of this extraordinary project, telling the story of the scribes and illuminators and the St. John's community as they complete all seven volumes of the Bible. Profusely illustrated with many large images from the Bible & actual-size samples of the scripts used. Extensively revised with about half new text and images.

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B2709. Prophets (St John's Bible)
The Saint John's Bible: Prophets.
Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator.
2007. 232pp. 9.75"x15".

The fourth volume of The Saint John’s Bible, Prophets, features some of the most beautiful passages in all of Sacred Scripture. The ancient prophets of Israel suffered and celebrated with the people they both admonished and
praised. They provided words of consolation during times of oppression and kept the flame of hope alive during the darkest periods of Israelite and Jewish history. Christians honor the prophets as those who foretold the coming of the Messiah.

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B2707. Pentateuch (St John's Bible)
Saint John's Bible: Pentateuch.
Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator.
2006. 158pp. 9.75"x15". Hardcover.

Pentateuch is composed of the first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and
Deuteronomy) and is known as the Torah Judaism.
Illuminators: Donald Jackson, Chris Tomlin, Sally Mae
Joseph, Suzanne Moore, Thomas Ingmire, and Hazel
Dolby. Scribes: Donald Jackson, Brian Simpson, Sue
Hufton, and Sally Mae Joseph.

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