Ina Saltz I Learning Calligraphy - Ongoing Dates

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Learning Calligraphy on LinkedIn Learning


Calligraphy is the source and root of all letterforms. Whether you're an aspiring type designer or lettering artist, or just someone who wants to write beautifully, this course provides you with a springboard to the study of any calligraphic hand. Follow Ina Saltz as she walks you through how to write the basic italic forms using a broad-edged pen. To begin, learn what materials you'll need and how to prepare your writing surface. Next, practice and progress through minuscules, or small letters, majuscules, or capital letters, numbers, and punctuation. Ina also touches on how to write with smaller nib sizes, add flourishes, and use color, as well as how lefties can best tackle calligraphy.


Supply List:

  • Pilot Parallel Pens: sizes 6.0mm and 3.8mm (FP67)
  • Pilot Parallel Pens: Refill Six Pack of Cartridges (black ink) (FP69)
  • Paris Paper for Pens, 14” x 17” (P40) OR Pentalic Paper for Pens, 14” x 17” OR Boris Layout Pad, 14” x 17” (P09-50)
  • 3H pencil (S142)
  • Sandpaper Pencil Pointer (Art Alternatives or Staedtler brands are best)
  • Eraser (Magic Rub or Staedtler Mars White Plastic) (S86) (E13)
  • Metal or Plastic T-square, or Wooden with Acrylic Edge, at least 18” long (S753)
  • Plastic Triangle, 45-90 degrees, 12” (S613)
  • Soft absorbent cotton rag
  • Drafting tape or painters tape (S931)
  • Drafting table OR Wood Drawing Board with Metal Edge, 18” x 24” (Alvin brand is recommended) (S690)