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Sample Size Inks

Black Ink  Color Ink  Sumi Ink  Walnut Ink  White Ink 
Acrylic Ink  Ink for Pointed Pen  Ink for Broad Edge  Waterproof Ink 
Metallic & Iridescent Ink  Fountain Pen Safe Ink  Ink Additives/Cleaners  Ink Sets   

SA-I153. Sample Size Econline Liquid Watercolor
SA-I153. Sample Size Ecoline Liquid Watercolor

A free-flowing ink in a wonderful selection of very vibrant colors, which are transparent (except Black) and non-waterproof. The colors mix well. Especially popular for folded and ruling pens. For pen, brush, and airbrush. Recommended by Thomas Hoyer and numerous Instagram posts. 1/2 ounce sample size in round plastic jar.

Colors available:
700 Black, 548 Blue Violet, 640 Bluish Green, 657 Bronze Green, 411 Burnt Sienna, 318 Carmine, 233 Chartreuse, 738 Cold Grey, 602 Deep Green, 706 Deep Grey, 407 Deep Ochre, 237 Deep Orange, 202 Deep Yellow, 654 Fir Green, 656 Forest Green, 231 Gold Ochre, 600 Green, 205 Lemon Yellow, 601 Light Green, 236 Light Orange, 361 Light Rose, 201 Light Yellow, 337 Magenta, 580 Pastel Blue, 666 Pastel Green, 381 Pastel Red, 390 Pastel Rose, 226 Pastel Yellow, 422 Red Brown, 545 Red Violet, 259 Sand Yellow, 245 Saffron Yellow, 334 Scarlet, 416 Sepia, 578 Sky Blue, 665 Spring Green, 522 Turquoise Blue, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 505 Ultramarine Light, 507 Ultramarine Violet, 311 Vermillion, 718 Warm Grey, 100 White.

Also available as sets (I153-S6, I153-S10) and 30 ml glass jars (I153)

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SA-I123. Sample Size Noodler's Ink
Sample Size Noodlers Ink.

Many of the rich colors of these popular fountain pen inks are unique. The black is lightfast and waterproof (on paper). All are suitable for regular fountain pens and the Pilot Parallel Pen. Michael has found that these inks work great for dip nibs (chisel and pointed). The colors are very vibrant!

These smaller sample jars allow you to try several colors for the price of one large bottle. Approx 1/2 ounce per sample jar (plastic).

Click here to see a color chart.

Choose Color:
Midnight Blue
Baystate Blue
Navajo Turquoise
Apache Sunset
Shah's Rose
Purple Martin
Saguaro Wine
Sequoia Green
Kiowa Pecan
La Couleur Royal
Blue Black
Red Rattler
Forest Green
African Violet
Cactus Fruit
Bernanke Black
Bad Green Gator
Standard Yellow
Dragons Napalm
Blue Nosed Bear
Standard Yellow
Blue Ghost (Black Light Ink)

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SA-I142. Richtone Color Ink Sample Size Jars
SA-I142. Richtone Color Ink Sample Size Jars

These vibrant new inks come in a range of 20 colors. They are pigment-based, and all but one color passed our lightfastness test of two weeks in a south facing window in North Carolina (Peach changed color). They have some water resistance when compared to Higgins Eternal, but are not waterproof like acrylic inks. The ink worked well on a range of papers and pads commonly used for calligraphy. (Rhodia, Boris, and Strathmore 400. These are pigment-based inks. In small, wide-mouth jars. (For full-size, see item I142).

Choose colors: Magenta, Scarlet, Brilliant Orange, Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, Teal, Midnight Blue, Deep Purple, Bronze (not metallic), Charcoal Grey, Burgundy, Fire Engine Red, Rust Orange, Peach, Golden Yellow, Bright Green, Forest Green, Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Lilac, Avocado, Raspberry, Plum, and Antique Yellow.

Quantity price at 10.

Click here to see a color chart.

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SA-I04-S. Pelikan 4001 Ink Sampler Set
SA-I04-S Pelikan 4001 Ink Sampler Set

The sampler set contains 1/2 ounce jars of all seven colors of Pelikan 4001. A favorite for dip and fountain pens, the colors are very vibrant. Includes Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, and Turquoise.

For full size jars, see item I04.

I04. Pelikan 4001 Ink Color Chart

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SA-I37-S. McCaffery Sampler set of 10
SA-I37-S McCaffery Sampler set of 10

This set contains a Screw Top Dinky Dip of each McCaffery color:

Black, Glossy Black, Ivory, Bright White, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Red-Violet and McCaffery Prairie Night.

For full size jars, see item I37, I154.

I37. McCaffery's Ink color chart

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SA-WHT. White Ink Sampler Set
SA-WHT White Ink Sampler

There are so many white inks out there and none are created equal. This set lets you try a small sample of each of 10 inks. You can make a reference chart and get a "feel" for each of the inks.

This set arrives in a wooden holder (Screw Top Dinky Dip).

Colors Included:
Dr. Martins Pen White
Dr. Martins Bombay Ink White
Moon Palace Ink White
FW Artist Ink White
Dr. Martins Spectralite (Private Collection) Ink White
Winsor Newton Calligraphy Ink White
Dr Martins Bleed Proof White
Ziller Ink Northwind White
McCaffery Ink White
McCaffery Ink Ivory

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SA-GOLD. Gold Ink Sampler Sets
SA-GOLD. Gold Ink Sampler Sets.

Instead of spending $7-10 per gold color, you can buy samples of gold ink! This allows you to actually try all of the inks and use the samples to make reference charts for yourself. Contains 1/2 ounce jar of the inks below:

Set #1
Dr. Martins Spectralite Ink Private Collection Gold
Dr. Martins Spectralite Ink 18 carat Gold
Dr. Martins Iridescent Ink (Copperplate) Gold
Kuretake Ink Gold
Emperor Sumi Ink Gold
WN Calligraphy Ink Gold

Set #2
FW Artist Ink Gold
FW Artist Ink Shimmering Gold
FW Pearlescent Ink Mazuma Gold
FW Pearlescent Ink Autumn Gold
WN Drawing Ink Gold

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SA-S1021. Nicker Designer Color Gouache Sample Set
SA-S1021. Nicker Designer Color Gouache Sample Set

Nicker Designer Colour Gouache is made to exacting standards in a small factory in Japan. John Stevens has tested this gouache and has given it a thumbs-up. John has chosen the colors of these custom sets, only available from John Neal Books.

12-color sample set includes:
551 Sap Green**
554 Lawn Green***
505 Chrome Yellow***
518 Chinese Red***
522 Bordeaux**
527 Magenta**
530 Royal Purple**
532 Violet**
536 Ultramarine Light***
538 French Blue***
571 Do Black***
570 Permanent White ***

The asterisks indicate the lightfastness:
***Excellent, **Good, *Poor

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