Seattletters 2018

Seattletters 2018

July 14, 2018 - July 21, 2018
The 37th International Calligraphy Conference was held in Bellingham, Washington, at Western Washington University.

Supply Lists are available by emailing:

Georgia Angelopoulos
Things Greek & Gilded

Yukimi Annand
Text & Texture: Letter Formation & Nature

Pat Blair
Copperplate Masterclass: Dressed Up & Dancing the Night Away

Denis Brown
Celtic & Gothic Hybrids: Breeding Modern Varieties of Scripts

Annie Cicale
Romans: Pattern & Texture

Lee Ann Clark
Pointed Pen Possibilities

Ewan Clayton
Calligraphy of the Heart Pt. 2

Barbara Close
Think It - Paint It - Write It
Expressive Pointed Pen

Kristen Doty
Drawing & Lettering Sketchbook
Watercolor & Calligraphy Explorations

Carol DuBosch
Folded Pen Adventures

Reggie Ezell
Foundational: Trusting Your Instincts

Mike Gold & Judy Melvin
Finding Your Inner Picasso

Louise Grunwald
Circling the Square

Randall Hasson
Early 20th Century Lettering

Judy Melvin & Mike Gold
Finding Your Inner Picasso

Suzanne Moore
Studies in Contrast: Exploring Juxtaposition in Lettering Design


Cherryl Moote
26 Things to Do with the Alphabet

Amity Parks
Grayscale: Exploring Graphite Lettering
Bold & Blended: Chunky Roman Caps

Sally Penley
Design & Composition for Calligraphers
Sumi Explorations

Massimo Polello
Cadel Letters, Modern Beauty
The Fullness & Emptiness

Carl Rohrs
Brush Discipline: A Lighter Touch & Longer Texts

Jane Shibata
Sweet Caroline

Peter Thornton
Versal & Built-Up Letters: Convention to Invention

Elsi Vassdall Ellis
Book Alchemy: Integrating Form & Narrative

Diane Von Arx
The Textured Page: Italic Variations & Possibilities

Julian Waters
Beautiful Blackletter: Textura Variations
Beautiful Blackletter: Fraktur Variations

Rebecca Wild
Nature Inspired
Art & Texture

Sharon Zeugin
Sketching in Letters, Lines, & Images