DeAnn Singh - Springtime Copperplate Class

Click HERE to register for the class. Questions about the class can be sent to Rosa Berman: Email.
John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

Springtime Copperplate Calligraphy via Zoom with DeAnn Singh
May 18 - June 15, 2020
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Cost is $100 per person

Supply List:
  • Oblique pen holder (Straight holder for left hand) (H129)
  • Set of pointed flexible nibs.
    • Recommended: Gillott 404, 303, 1068, Brause 66EF, Steno nib, Hiro 40 and 41, Zebra G, Nikko G. (set of six of these nibs will do.) (N74, N72, N76, N70, N90, N81, N82, N118, N113)
    • Optional: Mitchell nib with the elbow on the nib, Hunt 56, 101, 99. (N86, N77, N88)
  • Ink - "Best" Japanese Ink (other bottled Japanese Inks) and Yasutomo Vermillion sumi ink. (I43, I70, I24-2)
    • Optional:
    • Prang watercolors (16 colors). (S609)
    • Coliro (Finetec), Art-ex or Yasutomo metallic palettes. HERE for our selection of Coliro.)
    • Dr. PH Martin Bleed Proof White is the preferred white for writing on dark papers. (I38)
    • To apply the paint you need a Chisel edged bristle brush or "bright" brush such as Grumbacher Eterna #2. (BR01)
  • Gum Arabic - (Only a small amount is needed. I'll fill a little container for you for free) (I84)
  • 1 eye dropper with water. (S1017)
  • Paper - Cotton Comp layout paper 9x12 inches. (P25)
  • Ink well or "Dinky Dips". (S853)
  • Rag to wipe your nib
  • Ruler-C-Thru 18 inch ruler (need later). (S944)
  • Masking tape (S412)
  • 2H pencil and sharpener (pointer) and white plastic eraser (I prefer Staedtler Mars). (PL38, PL13, E13)
For touch up and corrections:
  • Sakura Micro pigma pen .005 (M17)
  • Small paint brush like #00 pointed watercolor brush (BR26)
  • X-acto knife with #11 blade and #16 or #10 blade (S417, S996, S129)
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