Sherrie Lovler - Wabi-Sabi Ink Painting - Oct 8

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Wabi-Sabi Ink Painting
with Sherrie Lovler

Saturday, October 8, 2022 10 am–3:30 pm Pacific Time (with 1/2-hour lunch break)

Presented live. The recording will be available for 2 months.

Allow your hand and imagination free play as you work with ink and watercolor on paper to create abstract paintings.

Beginning with meditation and centering ourselves, we will get our whole body involved as we work from the heart to paint the enso (the Zen practice of drawing a circle). Our guiding themes will be wabi-sabi: appreciating the beauty of imperfection, empty space: allowing the painting to breathe and qi: the living energy of the painting.

From the West, we will work with line, color, shape, movement, rhythm and other elements and principles of design. Here, our guiding themes will be value and contrast. The conversation with our pages will be “What is already happening, and what do I do next?”

Embrace the unknown as we explore abstract painting from both Eastern and Western perspectives to create several finished paintings. No art experience is needed.

Cost: $110

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Supply List:

These supplies are recommended. You can substitute other supplies, depending on what you have on hand and what you want to work with. Items with numbers in bold can be purchased through


  • 2 sheets Watercolor Paper approx. 22x30" cut in half to 4 sheets 22x15" Arches 90 lb. (PS42) or 140 lb. (PS47) hot press or similar paper. Can be cold press (PS48) (rougher) if you like. Other brands might be smaller in size, and that’s okay.
  • Pad of Mixed Media Paper 11x14" (P101)or larger size Canson XL Mix Media Pad or Strathmore 300 Series (P71)


  • Chinese Calligraphy Brush Yasutomo CC6 hair length: 2-1/8" Diameter: 1/2"

OR Richeson Bamboo Brushes 510101, 510102 or 510103

  • 2 or 3" wide foam brush

OR Royal Brush Wash Brush Set (BR64)

  • 1-2 inexpensive pointed brushes for painting smaller areas and mixing paint:

Cotman Round WC Brush (BR30)

OR Royal & Langnickel Zen Brush — Round, Size 4 or 5, Short Handle (Some stores carry a set of different sizes and styles, which is nice to have.)

OR synthetic (white nylon) #4 or #5 round (Loew Cornell #795 round). They should have some “spring” to them, not too soft.


  • Moon Palace Sumi ink available from (I70)

OR Yasutomo Liquid Sumi Ink - 2 oz (I24-2)

OR other sumi ink (preferably not with shellac)

OR Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Artists Ink, 1 oz. Payne’s Gray (I13)

  • *Walnut ink made from walnut crystals—1 dry ounce is enough (S449)

OR ready-made walnut ink (I53)


  • *Tube of red watercolor or gouache (WNWC1) (WNG1)
  • *Tube or pan of Gold watercolor or gouache (WNG3) (SG893-F) (S1000)


  • Plastic to cover your desk
  • Pencil 2H (or what you have) (PL38)
  • Ruler (S270)
  • Scissors
  • 2 containers for water (S1005) (S1151) (I like quart size yogurt containers.)
  • 3 bowls for ink — one for black ink, one for watered down black, one for walnut ink (larger than 3" in diameter) (Pint containers from a deli work.)
  • Small jar with cover to mix walnut ink crystals with water
  • Small palette for paint (S679)
  • Paper towels or rags
  • 2 “L” shaped corners for cropping your work. These can be cut out of cardboard or matboard. Around 15" each direction 2" wide.
  • *A few pieces of balsa wood or hard cardboard to make marks
  • *Pipette or eye dropper (S1039) (S705)
  • *Red, black and gold paper (around 3x3" each). These can be squares of paper painted in these colors.
  • Spray bottle for water (optional)
  • PanPastel black (optional). This pastel comes in a small round pan. I use it to darken ink areas if they dry lighter than I want.
  • Handouts: will be sent ahead of class.

* These 6 items are available in small amounts in a supply kit from Sherrie for $18.

Please be comfortable using Zoom as well as photographing your artwork on your phone and emailing the images.