Sally Penley - Sumi Marks and Sumi & Color - Dec 5

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Sumi Marks and Sumi & Color

Sunday, December 5, 2021; 10:00-12:30 PST (Day 2)


Day 1:  Experience the joy of “sumi mark-making” as you learn to use the sumi brush and a variety of other commercial and makeshift tools to create vibrant and lively sumi marks for multiple uses.

Day 2: Learn 12 techniques for adding color to your sumi marks with various media, such as watercolor, acrylic, pastel and colored pencil. 


DAY 1 – Sumi Marks

  • A basic pointed Sumi brush (small to medium size – both, if you have them)
  • Pointed pen (e.g., Speedball Oblique Pen) [H112 and N113]
  • Sumi ink (e.g., Yasutomo or Moon Palace) [I70 or I24-2]
  • Various papers—smooth and textures [PA101]
  • Water container [S1005]
  • Paper towels [S817]
  • Shortly before class, Sally will email a list of makeshift tools—items you have around the house, nothing you’ll need to purchase

DAY 2 – Sumi & Color

  • Pan watercolors (like Prang) OR pan gouache (like Pelikan) and small brush [S1032] [S609]
  • Pad of 9 x 12 (or 11 x 14) watercolor paper [PA26]
  • Soft pastel sticks and cotton balls
  • Colored pencils and graphite pencils [PL05, PL38]
  • Plastic wrap
  • X-acto knife [S417]
  • Water container [S1005]
  • Paper towels [S817]