John Stevens - Capitals & Uncials - 5 Weeks,  Saturdays, January 16

John Stevens Capitals & Uncials

Enrollment begins 
January 2, 2021

5 Weeks,  Saturdays, January 16 @ 2pm EDT.

Course Summary

You may ask “why Uncial?” Actually, this class is ulitimately about Capitals. I start with Uncial so that we have a basis of relatively pure pen forms.
The Uncial hand was prevalent from the 4th century to the 8th. It is regarded as a specialist hand in today's calligraphy scene, however, I often combine elements of Uncial with my Pen Capitals when the effect is warranted. Furthermore, Uncial makes a great book-hand and has much to teach us about formal calligraphy and text hands in general.

John’s creative range in lettering is well known, and in this class we will be working with lettering design in general, not just Uncial. Uncial can train us in a pen-made "capital" hand that can teach us about both text or titling.
It will give us a foundation for Pen Capitals with the added benefit of being interchangeable for some creative alternatives, using Uncial and sometimes alternating between with Pen capitals.

This is a Preliminary Materials List:
A more detailed list will be sent to attendees of the class.

  1. Pens: (Pens, Ink and paper are all you need for now)

Brause 1mm (or 3.5 Mitchell) and a larger pen, like a Brause 4mm (N02) (N04)
We may need to sharpen the 1mm, in which case, you will need an Arkansas Hard Stone if you want to follow along). (S115)
In that case, a magnifying glass or loupe would be useful. (S1112)

Brause, Mitchell, and/or Speedball are good as brands. (small and larger) (for first class, a 4mm Brause and a smaller 1mm. (N02) (N04)
Pilot parallel pens (2.8mm) may be helpful. (FP67)
Automatic pens (later) (N27)

  1. Ink/ Pigment

Ink: Pelikan 4001 or Higgins Eternal (I08) (I04)
If you wish: Gouache, watercolor and/or Sumi Ink stick if you have it. 

3. Practice paper 
Bond paper is fine if it does not bleed. (P20)

Special Items
Pencil: for drawing (2B-HB)
Plus, for ruling lines (4H)
Straight edge for lines 
Small, pointed Brush (like W&N Series 7, 000, 00) (BR28)
Masking Tape
Note-taking stuff
A  brush for loading pen (BR43)

Here is a source for a 5th Century Uncial we will be discussing:

The live sessions will be recorded.