Jane Sullivan - Online Calligraphy, Illuminated letters and Art classes I Ongoing Dates

John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

Jane Sullivan’s On-Line Art School
email contact:   school@calligrafee.com
These delightful classes are the perfect way to learn calligraphy, illumination and fantasy art! Jane is the author of numerous books on these subjects; now she brings her fun and simple methods of mastering these art-forms to a wider public through her CalligraFée school.

For approximately $12, you have access to six video classes, plus handouts. The various modules at www.calligrafee.com/school include beautiful projects such as creating illuminated book-marks in humanist-script, a decorated medieval letter with a friendly mermaid and a playful sea-serpent, a short quote in calligraphy illustrated with fairies and unicorns, and even lessons on drawing dragons!  Visit:   www.calligrafee.com/school