Suzanne Cunningham

Suzanne Cunningham teaches around the country at workshops and retreats. She is based in Florence, AL and teaches locally as well. She is a team member with Calligraphy Masters, an online magazine for inspiring calligraphy. Follow her on Instagram for class and workshop announcements: @suzcunningham.

The products below are the tools Suzanne listed as her favorites in the August 2016 JNB Newsletter.
Rhodia lined paper(P54),
walnut ink (I150),
Moon Palace sumi (I70),
wood oblique holders (H114),
Nikko G (N113),
Zebra G (N118),
Leonardt Principal EF nibs (N120),
bleed proof white (I38),
anything Winsor and Newton (Click HERE for our Winsor & Newton products),
Artograph 930 light pad (S762),
Slider Writer (S937),