Cheryl Tefft - Beginning Calligraphy I (Uncial) - July 17 - Oct 16 (Saturdays)

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If you have little/no previous experience studying calligraphy, start with this class:

Beginning Calligraphy I (uncial) (usually 9 or 10weeks, but sometimes 8 weeks):

Sat, Jul 17, 2021, 2:00 PM – Sat, Oct 16, 2021, 4:00 PM EDT

      In this class you will learn the fundamentals essential to all future calligraphy studies, while learning to write in the uncial lettering style, which is one of the easiest styles of calligraphy to learn. You will also have a chance to view a wide variety of calligraphic works for inspiration and guidance, with some fun surprises along the way. Lefties welcome. NO previous experience or good handwriting needed! Prerequisite: NONE


  • Pilot Parallel Pen, 3.8 mm size (FP67)
  • Ink cartridges for Parallel Pen (FP70)
  • 11 x 17” grid pad, 8 squares/inch (P21- Dark)
  • Sturdy zipper bag for holding pens, pencils, ink cartridges, protractor, and other small items
  • Calligraphy paper sample sheet pack (PA101)
  • One full sheet of 90# Arches HP fine art paper (full sheet may be folded into quarters upon request for shipping; unfolded sheets will require (PS00) paper shipping charge) (PS42) (PA42)
  • Pigma Micron marker, black, size 01 (M17)
  • Winsor Newton Sceptre 101 brush (size 00) (BR26)
  • Prang watercolors (set of 16) (S609)
  • FineTec Arabic Gold refill pan (S1000)
  • FineTec storage case (6 color empty plastic box) (S999) (S1113)
  • Pad of tracing paper OR layout bond paper OR marker layout paper, 8½ x 11” or larger (P43) (P09-50) (P32)
  • Artist tape (no wider than 1") (S931)
  • Large calligraphy-friendly plain white/off-white envelopes (students need at least 10) (PA76)
  • Pentel Clic eraser (E06)
  • 12”-18" metal ruler with cork backing (S270) (S271)
  • Protractor (plastic semicircular type) (S632)
  • Basic container for rinse water (S1005)
  • Burnisher/Stylus set (S1038)

 OPTIONAL items:

  • Parallel Pen cartridges, single ink color only (FP69)
  • 2.4 mm Parallel Pen (FP67)