Cheryl Tefft - Writing in the Round - Starting April 9 OR April 26

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Writing in the Round
Cheryl Tefft
Two sessions: April 9, 2022 through April 23, 2022 OR April 26, 2022 through May 10, 2022

This class will teach you how to letter in the shape of a circle, spiral, or other curve. Yes, there are shortcuts for that! We will cover all of them here. 

Prerequisite: Class is recommended for students who have previously taken at least two calligraphy courses or the equivalent in individual study

When: Choose either of the two sessions offered:

Session 1: Saturdays, April 9 through April 23 (3 lessons), 10 am to 12 pm Central Daylight Time (11 am to 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time).
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Session 2: Tuesdays, April 26 through May 10 (3 lessons), 12 pm to 2 pm Central Daylight Time (1 pm to 3 pm Eastern Daylight Time).
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This is a live small-group class with individual feedback, with recordings available afterward.

Fee: $115


  • Favorite pens/nibs/tools for your preferred lettering styles, in a variety of sizes if applicable (sizes suitable for addressing envelopes may be easiest for getting started); please note that these techniques are easier to learn using upright (non-slanted) lettering styles such as uncial, blackletter, bookhand, Roman caps, or upright versions of modern calligraphy.
  • Favorite non-waterproof inks (or other fluids) to use with the aforementioned favorite pens, such as Parallel Pen cartridges, gouache, walnut ink, stick ink, Pelikan 4001, etc. (FP69) (FP70) (S449) (I04)
  • Pencil (mechanical type with 0.5 mm lead [or smaller] (PL21) 
  • Eraser of your choice (E06)
  • Ruler, preferably cork-backed metal, at least 12” long (S270) (S271)
  • Artist’s/painter’s tape (S931) (S412) 
  • Light pad OR light box (essential for this class) (S1013)
  • Guidelines suitable for light pad, for any lettering styles/sizes you think you might use (GL07-S)
  • Drafting compass, for drawing circles/arcs—IMPORTANT: MUST be the kind which can hold a pencil point on one of the two legs AND has a small wheel which is turned to change the distance between the legs (a bow compass). (S1061)
  • Plenty of layout bond paper (P09-50) or similar non-bleeding paper for layouts, such as blank Rhodia paper (P53), perhaps 20 sheets, approx. 8½ x 11" or A4 size or larger (P25)
  • IF you don't have some kind of translucent layout bond paper, you may also need tracing paper (P112) or (P43)
  • Grid paper, whichever kind you normally use for calligraphy practice (P22) or (P55)
  • Some “good” paper—whatever kind(s) you like for finished projects that is translucent on a light pad, such as Arches Hot Press, either 90# or 140# (PA42 or PS42 or PS47), Stonehenge (PA110 or PS110), Strathmore Ready-Cut Watercolor Paper(PA26; 8x10"), Frankfurt (PS108 or PS04), or Pergamenata (natural color recommended; PA98-MIX or PS88)—8 x 10" or larger, enough for a couple of projects
  • Anything else you normally use in your calligraphy practice
  • Favorite materials for taking notes
  • Short list of quotations you like, from a long sentence up to about a paragraph in length
  • Calculator (or other device with basic calculation functions, such as a smart phone)
  • (may or may not be needed) Protractor (Item Code: S632 suggested)
  • (may or may not be needed) Scissors
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