Tamer Ghoneim - Blackletter Circles on Steroids

This class is part of Legacies III.

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Blackletter Circles on Steroids

Tamer Ghoneim

2-Day Workshop

All Skill Levels Welcome
Lettering • Design • Drawing 


The intent of this workshop will be to teach students a unique Blackletter hand and demonstrate how it can be used to create a variety of beautiful, intricate Blackletter geometric art.

In this workshop we will review:

  • Essential tools and supplies
  • Walkthrough of full minuscule Blackletter alphabet
  • Walkthrough of full majuscule Blackletter alphabet
  • Approaches for fitting quotes/circle sizes
  • Letter modification concepts for writing on a curved path
  • Color combinations and outlining

Students will create a circular design and have an opportunity to create a more intricate design.


The supplies needed for this workshop are listed on the following online supplies pages: