Tamer Ghonheim - Blackletter: Circles on Steroids - Jan 22-Feb 12

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BLACKLETTER: Circles on Steroids with Tamer Ghoneim, hosted by Portland Society for Calligraphy

Jump on board with Tamer as he takes you on a journey into a new way of looking at Blackletter. Using what he calls his Ultimate Blackletter Guidesheets, Tamer will go over a complete, step-by-step method for constructing the entire blackletter-style minuscule alphabet that has formed the foundation of his internationally published work. He will also cover the essential, recommended tools needed to write in this style, including tips and skills for working with, maintaining, and modifying the tools.

In later sessions Tamer will teach students how to bend the letters into calligraphic geometries and patterns, demonstrating how to construct stunning circular blackletter masterpieces, breaking the process down into approachable steps. Questions and interaction will be encouraged to provide as much value and instruction on common challenges that students are encountering.

Saturdays, January 22, 2022 – February 12, 2022
9:00-11:30am (PST)

Cost: $100 PSC Members/$130 non-members
Live online class using the Zoom Platform



  • Pen: Pilot Parallel Pen: 3.8mm (Green Cap) (FP67)
  • Ink: Each Pilot Parallel pen comes with two ink cartridges, one black and one red, therefore you are not required to purchase additional ink.
    • If desired or preferred, I have found Ecoline Watercolor Inks (I153) and Fountain Pen inks to be compatible with the Pilot Parallel Pen (I04, I59, I123).
    • For color blending, the above Ecoline and Fountain inks work well. Acrylic Inks (Liquitex, Golden High Flow, Dr. Ph Martin, etc.) can be used to create color blends via dipping the pen. (I16, I27)
  • Paper: The papers mentioned below are only a recommendation. You can, of course, use any paper that you prefer. Using a higher quality paper than standard printer paper is preferable because it will minimize or prevent ink bleed, making your work look better and your practice sessions more enjoyable.
    • Strathmore Calligraphy Paper (P83)
    • Strathmore Bristol Board (Smooth) (P85) – I will use this paper for the circular calligraphy demonstration
  • Ruler: Helix Circle Ruler (easy and convenient tool for drawing circles) (S1085)
  • Other Writing Tools:
    • Fine Tip Pen for outlines, such as Pigma Micron pens (M17)
    • Large and Small Erasers for erasing large guide lines and small areas. Prismacolor Artgum and Pentel Click erasers are a couple of my favorites. (E14, E06)
    • Magnifying Glass (optional) not required, but helpful for adding outlines in tight spaces. (S1112)
  • Templates and guides will be provided as part of class handouts.