Thomas Hoyer - The Alchemist's Magic

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The Alchemist’s Magic

Thomas Hoyer

2-Day Workshop

Intermediate – Advanced

Lettering • Design • Drawing

Have you been to all the workshops, gathered scripts, techniques, and tools, but never learned the “spells” to turn these ingredients into a piece of fine art? Thomas Hoyer is one of the few calligraphers with a masters in graphic design and who mainly works as a freelance designer.

Join him for a fun ride into the design world and let your mind run wild and stoke the fire of your imagination. Learn how to design a text, a word, the letters themselves. How to visualize a text‘s content. How to add emotion and expression to your lettering. How to twist and turn the usual into the unusual. How to use both sides of your brain. And, best of all: How to break all the rules you have ever learned. This workshop is not about a finished piece but to create a “spell-book” filled with ideas for to browse through if you have a text you want to write but have no idea how to. Ideas that can be used with any script or calligraphic tool you are familiar with and with any skill level.


  • Your basic kit, and everything you like to work with. Some quotes (prose!) with about 10-15 words.
  • Pencil B2 (PL38)
  • a stack of postcard size paper (letter or A4 size paper cut in quarters) for scribbling.
  • Since we work a lot with pencil copy paper will do; if you want to carry out an exercise with calligraphic tools you could use layout paper (e.g. Borden & Riley’s Boris Layout Pad Bright White Felt Marker Layout Pad) or drawing paper (e.g. Strathmore Series 400 Drawing Pad) 7“ x 8.5“. (P09-50) (P100)


Please note: Plan to work only with scripts, tools, and techniques you are familiar with! This workshop is not about learning these aspects but how to use and play with them.