Thomas Hoyer - Dynamic Textures

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Dynamic Textures

Thomas Hoyer

2-Day Workshop

Intermediate – Advanced

Lettering • Design

If you want to advance in your calligraphy whether to become more expressive or to develop a more individual style for your classical scripts it is essential to free yourself from the basic forms.

One way to exercise this is to develop textures. You won’t need Blackletter for it, or regularity, or a solid block of letters. This workshop is about a more contemporary approach to the matter.

A texture can be reached by the condensation, touch or overlap of strokes. It can be written, drawn or done with momentum. It can look dense, delicate or geometric. These in itself quite different approaches will be shown and exercised in this workshop.

Please note: Like in all my design related subjects the participation is regardless of the script you know. But it is important to be so familiar with it that you can work with it independently. Best to know for the exercises would be any form of Italic; knowledge of Romans, or, even better, Lapidar Antiqua would be helpful.


  • Broad edge nibs (N02) (N04) (N09)
  • Automatic Pens (N27)
  • Speedball B Series (N16)
  • Haff Ruling pen (N33) or pointed nib for drawing (N98)
  • Your favorite inks or sumi (I70)
  • Layout paper (e.g. Borden & Riley’s Boris Layout Pad Bright White Felt Marker Layout Pad) or drawing paper (e.g. Strathmore Series 400 Drawing Pad) 14″ x 17″ (P09-50) (P32) (P100)