Acorn Arts ft. Yves Leterme - Thoughtful Gestures I Sept 7 - Oct 19

John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Acorn Arts Thoughtful Gestures Online Class
A safe guide to gestural writing
with Yves Leterme

Class Dates: September 7th - October 19th, 2020
Registration opens August 15th, 2020

Link to Class:

Supply List:

  • Speedball nibs C2 and C3 (in perfect shape!) (N09)

  • Black non-waterproof ink (I70) (I08) (I123)

  • White paper A3 size; layout paper and/or Canson, croquis, sketch paper are fine, but plain printing paper is equally fine – as long as the ink doesn’t bleed. Make sure the paper is transparent enough, as you want to see the guidelines through it. (P20) (P70)