Tim Botts - Victorian Scripts and Beyond - Jan 19 - March 9

John Neal Books is not hosting this class.


In this course we will study the script of the Victorian era, alternately referred to as English Roundhand or Copperplate, which became known in America as Spencerian. Related to this branch of handlettering is the pointed brush which will also be used for more contemporary scripts.

This class is offered Tuesday evenings 7–9 pm through College of DuPage Continuing Education online from January 19–March 9, 2021. For more information contact Jennifer Lange at langej89@cod.edu

Tim Botts, Instructor


Supply List:

  • bottled sumi (especially Yasutomo in a wide-mouthed green bottle) (I24)
  • Winsor Newton gouache in tubes: the primary colors plus white
      such as permanent rose, primary yellow, and phthalo blue (WNG1) (WNG2)
  • 11x14 or 11x17” white bond paper, especially with light blue grid (P72)
  • pointed pressure nibs: especially Gillott 303, 404; Hunt 56, 101; Brause 66EF (N72) (N74) (N86) (N77) (N70)
  • one or two pen holders (some people prefer oblique holders, but they are not necessary) (H113) (H114)
  • drawing board (at least 12x16”) (S690)
  • T-square (S753)

Recommended, but not required:

  • HB pencil (S142)
  • kneaded eraser (E09)
  • masking tape (S931)
  • inexpensive pointed brush for mixing paint (BR43)
  • palette with at least six wells (S679)
  • oriental pointed brush (3/4” to 1-1/2” long bristles)
  • a thin pointed brush (sometimes labeled rigger or script) or #3 pointed brush (BR29) (BR26)
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