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Gifts Under $10

S1064. Silicone Dinky Dip
S1064. Silicone Dinky Dip

This item is one Screw-Top Dinky Vial fitted into a silicone suction cup. The suction cup allows you to "stick" the Dinky Dip to your desk, lightpad, or other surface with no worries that you will knock it over! Great for classes.

Also available as a set of three: S1046-S

Your Price

S1064-S. Silicone Dinky Dip, set of 3
S1064-S. Silicone Dinky Dip, set of 3

A set of 3 Screw-Top Dinky Vials fitted into silicone suction cups. The suction cup allows you to "stick" the Dinky Dip to your desk, lightpad, etc, with no worries that you will knock it over! Great for classes.

Your Price $6.00

M61-S3. Sakura Gelly Roll White set of 3
M61-S3. Sakura Gelly Roll White set of 3

Newly reformulated, this gel pen from Sakura is now free-flowing, longlasting and no longer has a chalkiness problem.
Includes 05 (fine), 08 (medium) and 10 (bold).

Your Price $4.47

H135. MoRing
H135. MoRing

Choose from three beautiful versions of this accessory for the Moblique penholder. Adding these decorative rings to your Moblique holders is simple: unscrew the two parts, slip the ring over the threaded section, re-screw the holder together. The precious-metal-plated rings are set with clear cubic zirconia and will add around 12 to 30 percent to the weight of the holder.

Specify: Eternity (1 gram, rhodium), Leaf (1.8 grams, rose-gold), Solitaire (2.5 grams, 18K gold).

Your Price

H136. MoFlange
H136. MoFlange.

Personalize your standard Moblique penholders with these chrome-plated brass flanges. Choose from Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold - which match Silver Storm, Golden Sunshine, and Copper Sunrise holders, respectively. Mix or match with your Moblique holders. Switching out is an easy push-and-pull: push the flange up with your thumb while pulling straight out with your other hand. Choose from: Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver.

Using the MoFlange to personalize other metal-flange oblique holders:

With these holders, exchanging the flange is simple and straightforward (some flange adjustment may be needed to have the pen-to-paper angle the same as with the original flange): Comfort Grip, Blue and Black (H130, H96); Retro Style (H123); Dual Use (H129); Deluxe Turned Wood (H119).

With these holders, a fair amount of flange adjustment will be needed after the exchange: Deluxe Inlaid (H121); Turned Wood (H114, H115).

The MoFlange will not work with these holders: Crystalline (H132).

Click HERE for a video showing how to adjust the Moflange for different nibs.

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M132. Ecoline Brush Pen
M132. Ecoline Brush Pen / Marker

Very Limited Stock

The same vibrant Ecoline Liquid Watercolor you love in bottles now comes in a brush marker that is handy when travelling and ideal when working outside your studio.

Choose: 318 Carmine, 337 Magenta, 545 Red Violet, 411 Burnt Sienna, 237 Deep Orange, 202 Deep Yellow, 233 Chartreuse, 201 Light Yellow, 205 Lemon Yellow (Primary), 227 Yellow Ochre, 600 Green, 407 Deep Ochre, Blender

Black, Blue Violet, Cold Grey, Deep Green, Forest Green, Light Green, Light Orange, Prussian Blue, Reddish Brown, Scarlet, Sepia, Sky Blue (Cyan), Turquoise, UM Deep, UM Violet, Vermillion and Warm Grey are no longer available.

Your Price $3.95

SA-S1021. Nicker Designer Color Gouache Sample Set
SA-S1021. Nicker Designer Color Gouache Sample Set

Nicker Designer Colour Gouache is made to exacting standards in a small factory in Japan. John Stevens has tested this gouache and has given it a thumbs-up. John has chosen the colors of these custom sets, only available from John Neal Books.

12-color sample set includes:
551 Sap Green**
554 Lawn Green***
505 Chrome Yellow***
518 Chinese Red***
522 Bordeaux**
527 Magenta**
530 Royal Purple**
532 Violet**
536 Ultramarine Light***
538 French Blue***
571 Do Black***
570 Permanent White ***

The asterisks indicate the lightfastness:
***Excellent, **Good, *Poor

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N204. Ink Cage Reservoir + Nib
N204. Ink Cage Reservoir + Nib

The revolutionary Ink Cage is a reservoir for pointed pen nibs. It allows you to write or flourish much longer before re-dipping. The Ink Cage is sold permanently attached to the nib of your choice. It is not removable or reusable.

Choose nib:
Titanium Zebra G
Zebra G (steel)
Brause Rose
Nikko G
Brause Blue Pumpkin (Steno 361)
Leonardt Principal EF
Hunt 101
Gillott 404
Brause 66EF

Click here for important cleaning instructions.

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H129. Dual-Use Workshop Holder (Oblique + Straight)
H129. Dual Use Workshop Holder (Oblique + Straight)

This inexpensive holder serves as both a straight holder and an oblique holder! Just remove the flange to use as a straight holder. The brass oblique flange is tilted to decrease the angle of the nib to the paper, making your upstrokes less likely to catch on the paper. Perfect for workshops and beginners; we are happy to offer this exceptional holder at a very reasonable price.

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GIFTCERT. Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate for John Neal, Bookseller.

Please use the quantity box to adjust the dollar amount of your gift certificate order. Multiply the quantity by $5.00.
For example: to purchase $50.00, enter 10. To purchase $75.00, enter 15. You will have a chance to review and change your quantity when you look at your shopping cart.

***Please let us know if you would like us to e-mail or snail mail the certificate to the recipient. Our gift certificates can be used for online orders!***

During checkout, please enter the recipient's name in the Special Shipping Instructions box.

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