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Gifts Under $100

SW105. Tiny Alphabet Seal Set
SW105. Tiny Alphabet Seal Set

This adorable set includes one of each letter in a small (3/8" diameter) wax seal. Easy to create unique messages on your envelopes. The Typewriter "font" used is a classic. Try using the seals with Metallic Stamp Pads (item S1070) for even more bling. Come with one red wax stick.

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N208. Dreaming Dogs Ruling Pen
N208. Dreaming Dogs Ruling Pen.

Dreaming Dogs ruling pens are designed with the traditional components of the tools already found on the market, with additional new features.

The lightness of the tool and its balance were prioritized, resulting in a comfortable grip and allowing for both fluid and gestural strokes.

Dreaming Dogs ruling pens are crafted in stainless steel with elastic properties, a material that has excellent strength and durability and that does not rust. It is easy to clean and provides lightness, flexibility and accuracy in strokes.

The wooden pen handles are handmade. The assembly of these pens is entirely manual, with the refinement and finishing done one by one to get the perfect fit. Varnish layers waterproof the handle and make the pens more durable and easier to clean.

Aldus 2
Layla 4
Leeloo 5
Little Lie 3
Lollipop 6
Sofie 1

Your Price $57.50

K131. Carol's Ink Magic Folded Pen Kit
K131. Carol's Ink Magic Folded Pen Kit

While working with both Dark Blue and Yellow Ochre Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks, Carol DuBosch came across something special. She found that by dipping in one ink, then water, then the other ink, she could write in a wonderful mix of different colors. Depending on the particular mix of Blue and Yellow inks and the water, the colors were far from what you would expect -- it was ink magic! Carol was kind enough to share her discovery in Bound & Lettered issue 14.4.

This kit contains all that you need to create your own ink magic: a full-color copy of the B&L article with instructions for the technique and many examples of Carol's delightful calligraphy showcasing this ink magic, the two inks, a 6-well mixing palette, Carol's book Folded Pen Adventures, a Luthis Dragonfly Folded Pen (a Carol favorite), and an 8.5"x11" Gilbert Bond Pad.

Carol DuBosch lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She is a full-time freelance lettering artist who teaches calligraphy classes in the Pacific Northwest, and workshops for guilds throughout the United States. She frequently posts her work on Instagram: @caroldubosch

Your Price $58.72

S1072. Coliro Galaxy Set
S1072. Coliro (Finetec) Galaxy Set

This new set of Coliro Pearlcolors has a unique surface design and introduces six new colors: Sunbeam, Supernova, Deep Space, Dark Star, Meteor, Moonlight.

Other Coliro (Finetec) Sets:
S741. Artist Color Gold Set (5 Golds + Silver)
S766. Moire colors
S767. Pearl colors
S968: 12 colors (smaller pans)
S1000. Single Color Pans
S1009. Stormy Night
S1010. Rainbow
S1011. Under the Sea
S1012. Sunrise
S1014. Pastel Garden
S1019. Banana Split
S1029. Peacock
S1060: Mermaid
S1068: Autumn

Finetec is changing the name of its metallic, pearl, & moiré colors to Coliro. The paints are not changing, just their name.

Your Price $35.95

S1033. Nicker Poster Color 24-Color Set
S1033. Nicker Poster Color 24-Color Set.
40ml, wide-mouth jars.

This is Nicker’s standard 24-color set: 3 Carmine , 4 Scarlet Lake, 9 Mauve, 10 Cobalt Violet, 11 Magenta, 12 Opera, 14 Pink, 17 Prussian Blue, 19 Cobalt Blue, 21 Cerulean Blue, 24 Orange, 26 Chrome Yellow, 27 Lemon Yellow, 30 Yellow Ochre, 34 Viridian, 35 Chrome Green (1), 43 Burnt Sienna, 51 White, 53 French Gray, 56 Soft Black, 124 Light Blue, 125 French Blue, 132 Imperial Green, 143 Light Green.

Your Price $99.90

I157-S. Bister Ink Powder Set
I157. Bister Ink Powder.

This powdered ink from Europe has very striking colors. The powders all look about the same, but the mixed ink proves to be warm earthy tones. A little bit goes a long way. Mix in a small, screw-top Dinky Dip: about 1-part powder to 4-parts water. Add more water if too thick, or add more powder if too thin.

Set includes 8 colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Mahogany, Natural, Red, and Yellow.

Each color is 1oz of powder packaged in a 2oz plastic jar.

Your Price $63.60

B4210. Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach / Antonio
B4210. Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach by Paul Antonio. 2018. 132pp. 8.5"x11". Spiral-bound .

Introductory price $29.95 with free media mail shipping (USA only).

Renowned calligrapher Paul Antonio presents his new approach to teaching Copperplate. He explains the structure of the script in detail so you know the hows and whys of the letter shapes. You won’t just copy exemplar letters; you will understand them. And understanding speeds learning and allows mastery.

For International Shipping add B4210SHIP to your shopping cart along with the book.

Your Price $32.99

S1066. M. G. Ward Professional Hot Foiling Kit
S1066. M. G. Ward Professional Hot Foiling Kit

Developed by renowned penman Mike Ward and used for his own work, his hot-foil tool is now available for all who want to add bright, reflective gold to their projects on leather, cardstock, wood, and other surfaces. Mike tested and refined this professional-quality tool over several years before he was ready to put his name on it (literally). This tool works best with his Premium Heat Transfer Foil, but will work with other brands of foil as well.
The kit includes an adjustable, low-heat power supply (110V), carefully calibrated for foil work, and a heat pen with 3 interchangeable writing tips, both manufactured in Canada; assorted 10-sheet pack of Mike’s heat transfer foil; 3 practice leather bookmarks; and access to an online instructional video, detailing the foiling process. The ball-stylus tips are for monoline strokes and building up stressed (thick) parts of Spencerian and other scripts; two sizes are included, 0.4mm (1/64") and 0.8mm (1/32"). The calligraphy tip (4.5mm) is for broad-edged letterforms.

This tools works best with M. G. Ward Foil.

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S1067. M. G. Ward Premium Heat Transfer Foil
S1067. M. G. Ward Premium Heat Transfer Foil is high-grade foil that allows you to add gorgeous shine to your projects. It is the best foil available for handwork. (Heat transfer foil is a thin, metallic foil with an adhesive backing; it is adhered to surfaces with the addition of heat.) This foil, once properly adhered, is permanent on the surface, making it perfect for use on leather accessories, commissioned work on thicker paper, covers of journals or planners, and other projects. Different surface materials may require a different combination of temperature, speed, and pressure - testing on a scrap piece of material is advised.
This foil works best with the M. G. Ward professional foiling tools, but it can be used with other heat tools that provide the right temperature for the foil to stick properly on your desired surface. (Tools with temperature control will offer the most versatile and successful foiling experience.) Ten-sheet pack, each sheet 8"x10".

Choose: Classic Gold, Copper, Rose Gold, Classic Silver, Smoke Silver, and Variety (2 of each color).

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GIFTCERT. Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate for John Neal, Bookseller.

Please use the quantity box to adjust the dollar amount of your gift certificate order. Multiply the quantity by $5.00.
For example: to purchase $50.00, enter 10. To purchase $75.00, enter 15. You will have a chance to review and change your quantity when you look at your shopping cart.

***Please let us know if you would like us to e-mail or snail mail the certificate to the recipient. Our gift certificates can be used for online orders!***

During checkout, please enter the recipient's name in the Special Shipping Instructions box.

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