Vivian Mungall - Captivating Cadels 2 - October 30

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Captivating Cadels Class #2

2 hour Zoom Class by Vivian Mungall
Oct 30th, 2021 2pm-4pm EST

This class covers the how to on different capital from Cadels 1. You don’t need Cadels 1 to take Cadels 2 . The letters are incorporated into a poem with filigree and watercolor. The capital W is a difficult letter with few historical examples to get inspirations from. There will be two ways to create a beautiful intricate W. From a simpler capital F, you will learn how to take a letter and morph it into other letters of the alphabet to create a family. Also included are the letters T and M.


Supply List:

    • 3.8 Pilot Parallel Pen with ink of your choice (FP67)
    • Copy paper (P25)
    • Pencil and eraser (PL38) (E22)

The session will be recorded to share with you for 2 weeks.