Vivian Mungall - Captivating Cadel Capitals - November 20th

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Captivating Cadels Class

An Online Zoom Class with Vivian Mungall
2 hour class on November 20th, 2pm-4pm EDT

Vivian is the author of the new book instructional book Cadels: A How-To Manual (B4339)

The class will be a journey through several Cadel styles, showing different design techniques from Flamel’s simpler style to more complex letters by Rossi and Palatino. The class will also cover how to use cadel patterns to develop your own capitals. 

The supplies you need will be a 3.8 Pilot Parallel Pen with ink and paper of your choice. 

The session will be recorded to share with you for 2 weeks.

Zoom invitation & exemplars will be emailed to you.

Questions? Contact:

See Vivian’s Cadels on her pages at:  Instagram and FaceBook

Supply List:

  • Parallel Pen in 3.8 (FP67)
  • Paper of your choice (P25) (P69)