Vivian Mungall - Cadel Class 3- Jan 8th, 2022

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Cadel Class 3

Jan 8, 2022 – Cadels #3   2-4 EST

Round letters are always harder to design and achieved graceful curves. The class will cover the best methods to achieve the curves and maintain a pattern. There will be examples of both types of cadels – true and false capitals. Learn techniques to design and create the letters C, O, Q and G. Cadel classes 1 and 2 are not necessary to take this class.

Supply List:

  • 3.8 Pilot Parallel Pen with ink of your choice (FP67)
  • Hot press watercolor paper (PA42)
  • Strathmore Watercolor Paper (Ready Cut) (PA26)
  • Pencil(PL38)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • W&N Sceptre Gold 101 Brush (BR26)
  • W&N Watercolor– favorite shade of brown. Vivian will be mixing Winsor Orange and Fr. Ultramarine Blue (WNWC2) or Burnt Sienna to make brown. 
  • Clic & Go Foldable Water Pot (S1005)