Michael Ward - The Art of Movement Writing 2.0 - Feb 2021

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After securing the movement writing techniques and forms taught in The Art of Movement Writing, we are now ready to dive deeper into the world of letter spacing, specimen formatting, accent flourishing, and trying our hands at signature writing. In this class we will be further training our understanding of Ornamental Penmanship fundamentals by taking a look at famous alphabets, quotes and pieces made by Penmen of the past, and trying our hands at replicating them. We will then move to creating our own unique pieces modeled off of the beautiful examples from the golden age of penmanship. Class will conclude with an introduction to the most advanced form of Ornamental Penmanship, Signature Writing. Using our muscles to flow gracefully between capital forms and flourishes to produce a combined design that would look at home in the late 1800s.

Date : 20 & 27 February 2021 (Saturday)

Time : 10:00 am - 13:30 pm (Hong Kong Time)

Fees : HKD 1,400.00 / USD 180.00

Supplies :

  • Oblique Pen Holder (H115) (H54)

  • Flexible Nib of Choice (N93, N113, N120, N72)

  • Ink of Choice (S449) (I145) (I53)

  • Blank Paper of Choice (P25) (P53)