Sally Wightkin - Brush Lettering Workshop

Click HERE for information about the class. John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Sally's Brush Lettering Workshop is four hours of class-time. We will meet online for 2 hours on Wednesday, June 3, 11AM-1PM for Part 1 and again for 2 hours on Wednesday, June 10, 11AM-1PM for Part 2.
Also scheduled is an optional 1-hour question and answer session on Friday, June 5 at 11AM. No new material will be presented; this is an opportunity for students to share their practice and ask specific questions.

  • 2 Tombow Dual Brush Markers, any color (M120)
  • JNB Practice paper or equivalent (P25)
(I may mention some of these items to experiment with, but you can complete the workshop without them - they might be fun to try as you continue practicing after the class has ended)
  • Variety of colors of the Tombow Dual Brush Markers (M120)
  • Gellyroll pens (white, metallic, other) (M61, M62, M96, M114)
  • Pigma Micron pen (any size) (M17)
  • Other brush-type markers such as the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (M145,M119, M139)
  • Pentel Waterbrush (FP93)
  • Ruler (S270)
  • Pencil (PL38)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Blank Card such as Strathmore(PA79)
  • Small sheet of 'nicer' paper (Click HERE for our selection of fine papers in small packs)
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