Julie Wildman I The Inside Curve I Sept. 15, 16, and 17

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Sept. 15, 16, and 17 / 11am-1pm (Chicago time / CDT / GMT-5)

Supply List

• Pencil (2B or 2H) and a sharpener or use a mechanical pencil with your preference on lead size. We will be doing a lot of pencil work. (PL38, PL21, PL22)

• White eraser  (E13)

• Any type of ruling pen (e.g., traditional, Ruling Writer, Brody, Dreaming Dogs, etc.) (N22, N30, N208, N211)

• Speedball B nibs—Smaller sizes like a B4 and B 5 1/2 or 6 (N16)

• Any kind of pointed nib and a straight holder (N154, H105)

• 1 finepoint black marker like Pigma Micron in Size 01 or another finepoint marker (M17)

• Fineline Applicator (preferred size: 20 gauge/.5mm — blue tip) (S820)

• White gel pen (your favorite brand—could also have some colors if you prefer)—or use white gouache with a pointed pen (M61) (M138)(WNG1)

• Small bottle each of black sumi and walnut ink, plus cups for ink (I70, I53)

• Small bottle of distilled water (to dilute sumi if necessary)

• Jar of Dr. Martin’s or Winsor & Newton Bleedproof White or small tube of white gouache and cup to mix (I38)

• 2 to 3 tubes or bottles of your favorite watercolors  click HERE for our watercolor selection

• One inexpensive flat (1/8”) watercolor brush (Simply Simmons is a good brand) (BR24)

• One inexpensive pointed watercolor brush (BR26)

• A few small cups for ink or paint for larger tools

• 6 well paint palette (S679)

• Metallic gold watercolor (e.g., Schmincke Horadam Gold, Daniel Smith Iridescent Gold, Finetec metallics, etc.) (S1000)

• Metallic Schmincke Dry Gouache Sec or Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments (optional) (I139)

• Lots of practice paper with some tooth, preferably 11” x 17” or 12” x 18”. (Pacon Sulphite drawing paper medium weight is good because it has a bit of texture and takes ink very well. (Available on DickBlick.com and Amazon.) Don’t use really smooth paper. A pad of Strathmore Drawing paper is another option.) (P70) (P100)

• A few of your favorite colored pencils (PL05)

• 25or 50 sheet 9” x 12” pad of tracing paper (P112)

• A few half or quarter sheets of your favorite nice papers. One white, one color, and one black. (Suggestions: Arches Text Wove, Nideggen, Bugra, Tiziano, Canson MiTientes, Arches Black Cover, Artagain Black, Papier Canal Montréal, etc.)  (PS01, PS93, PS21, PS61, PS90, P58)

• Water container (for cleaning tools) (S1005)

• Roll of paper towels (S817)

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