Eleanor Winters - Introduction to Broad Edge - December 18 and 19

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The traditional tool of the calligrapher for more than 2000 years, the broad-edged pen enables us to create many beautiful styles of calligraphy, including Roman, Uncial, Italic, Carolingian and various forms of Gothic.    In this class we will be learn the basic rules of the pen itself as well as some of the fundamentals of two classical lettering styles.  Although mastery of the pen cannot be achieved in a few hours, this class will open the door to a wide range of exciting and beautiful calligraphy.  This workshop is for students familiar with the pointed pen who have had little or no experience with the broad-edge, as well as complete beginners to calligraphy.

Date : 18 & 19 December 2020 (Friday & Saturday)

Time : 20:00 PM - 22:00 PM (New York Time)

Fees : HKD 780.00 or USD 100.00

Student required materials :

  • 3mm Brause nib (N02)
  • Penholder (H104) (H113)
  • Non-waterproof ink (such as Higgins Eternal) (I08)
  • Practice paper (such as Canson Pro-Layout Marker) (P32) (P25)
  • Water container and cloth or paper towels (S784)
  • Pencil (PL21)
  • Eraser (E06)