Eleanor Winters - Online Private Lessons

Contact Eleanor directly to discuss private lessons: Email.
John Neal Books is not hosting these lessons.

For students with some calligraphic experience, individual instruction is now available. Improve, fine-tune and develop your skills in a wide range of traditional broad-edged pen hands (Italic, Foundational, Gothicized Italic, various Black Letter hands, Uncial) as well as basic, intermediate and advanced Copperplate.

Cost: $75 per session

Materials and Books Eleanor recommends:
  • Brause Nibs, various sizes (for broad-edged pen) (N02)
  • Nikko G, Zebra G, Tachikawa G Nibs (for Copperplate) (N113, N118, N137)
  • JNB Mastering Copperplate Practice Pad (P92-11, P92-8)
  • Canson Pro Marker Layout Pad (P32)
  • Moon Palace Ink (I70)
  • Higgins Eternal Ink (I08)
  • Dual-Use Penholder (H129)
  • Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy (B1109)
  • Italic and Copperplate Calligraphy: The Basics and Beyond (B3350)
  • Calligraphy for Kids (B2629)
  • 1-2-3 Calligraphy (B4325)
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