Written Word Calligraphy - Invitation Design Bootcamp - Ongoing

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

Invitation Design Bootcamp. A design-focused course to help calligraphers learn the process of designing wedding invitations. Enroll at that regular rate and use the code JNB15 for $15 off

The course is pre-recorded and will start May 17. There will be two live sessions included in the course. 

Questions can go to help@writtenwordacademy.com


  • H115  - Turned Wood Oblique Holder.
  • N113 - Nikko G
  • I70 - Moon Palace
  • P110 - Strathmore Smooth Bristol Pad
  • P45 - Canson Vidalon Translucent Vellum Pad
  • E35 - Mono Sand Eraser
  • S769 - White Lead Pencil
  • S650 - Lead Holder
  • S853 - Jumbo Dinky Dip