Yukimi Annand - Sequence: Journey of Experimental Calligraphy

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Sequence: Journey of Experimental Calligraphy


I have been fascinated by the process of creating accordion books and series of pages with calligraphic lines and marks. 

In this workshop, we start from creating marks with different writing tools and any found objects. We then form alphabets and write text with the original letterform. The core of this workshop is the meaning of the text and we will challenge how much emotion we can put into our marks and how we can expresser feeling into our writing. We examine writing speed, pressure, the directions of strokes, the relationship between marks and negative spaces. The exercises include layering different mediums and use of colors. Basic design layout, composition will be discussed during the workshop. We will assemble all exercise sheets in a book form and will construct accordion books and/or series of individual pages with selected exercise pieces to present our journey in sequence.


Basic materials

  • Pencil #2(HB) (PL38)
  • Eraser (E13)
  • Mixing brush (BR43)
  • Water containers (S1005)
  • Sumi ink (Moon Palace green cap recommended) (I70)
  • Pipettes (S141), dishes or pallets (S679) (small and middle size about 10cm for wide tools)
  • Ruler about 12-18” (S270), triangle ruler (S613) or T-square (S753)
  • Rag or paper towel, newspaper or tarp for table, apron


  • A3 sketch, charcoal or drawing paper about 30 – 50 sheets for exercises (PA06)
  • Two full sheet (40″x25.5″. 120gsm) of Arches MBM (PS104) or text wove paper (PS01), or 4 sheets of Rives BFK white (PS91) (19 ½” x 25 ½”, 250gms) paper any good quality watercolor paper
  • 2 full sheets of Canson, Fabriano or Hahnemühle black Ingres paper (PS05)
  • 1 sheet each of Gray and neutral color ingres paper (PS05) (PS22-WHI)

Flat Tools

  • Craft or balsa sticks
  • Automatic pen #5 or #6 (N27)
  • Good quality flat brushes you already have (1/2” to 3”)
  • Your favorite calligraphy chisel nibs and holders
  • Monoline Tools
  • Pencil HB and 2B (woodless graphite pencil, optional) (PL38)
  • Any kind of felt tip marker, white china marker (S916) (or white oil crayon)
  • Pointed nibs and holders you already have
  • Pipettes or squeeze bottles (S141) (S1017)
  • Tools from nature: twigs, pine needles, seeds pods, sticks seashells, stones, creepers, straw, pipe cleaner
  • Any kind of folded pen you already have (Tim’s radius cut pen or New Horizon folded nib) (N148)
  • Pointed Brush
  • A middle size (size 5 to 7) pointed brush (BR26) and/or Pentel Color Brush (FP57)
  • Watercolor or acrylic ink (any brand): two or three your favorite colors or colors related to your text (I28) (I13) (I153)
  • One to two 6 well plastic palettes (S679)
  • 2” inexpensive soft flat brush
  • Matte medium
  • Pointed needle tool or tapered awl (S966)
  • Binder clips, glue stick (S391), double stick tape
  • masking tape, bone folder (S308)
  • Cutter knife and cutting board (S417) (S504)
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