Rachel Yallop - The Swelling Line and Yalloplate - March 6 and 7

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John Neal Books is not hosting this class.

The Swelling Line and Yalloplate: A Copperplate Workshop with Rachel Yallop

Rachel will teach her own beautiful style of copperplate, starting with a more formal hand and moving into lots of variations.

The cost of the workshop is $60 USD for TCG members, $90 for non-members.

NOTE: A recording will be available to participants for one month after the workshop.

REGISTER: you may use the PayPal registration link, or send a check to Luann Bacchi, 7105 Havenwood Drive, Raleigh, NC, 27616.


  • Pointed nib. I use Gillott 303 or Hunt 101 nibs. (Whatever pointed nib you are comfortable with) (N72) (N77)
  • Pen holder – straight, or angled/oblique if preferred. (H104) (H133) (H134)
  • Free-flowing ink or gouache. I use Pelikan 4001 and Schmincke calligraphy gouache.  (Again, whatever you are comfortable with – red & black if you want to use Rachel’s favorite color scheme) (I04) (SG27)
  • Paper: I use marker or layout paper. Rhodia is particularly good.  ( You need a good smooth paper that won’t bleed) (P53) (P25)