Yves Leterme - Built-Up Capitals - Feb 2021

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Built-Up Capitals class taught by Yves Leterme.
Class starts May 13, 2020
Yves' Supply List: 1. You need, above all, a very good pencil. I recommend the Mars Technico lead holder (Staedtler), but that's only because I have one myself and I like it very much - I'm sure other lead holders are fine, too. I fill it with HB lead. And you'll need a sharpener too or at least some sandpaper. And an eraser of course. (S650, S651, S859, E09)
2. A pad of A3 size practice paper or layout paper. Light printing paper works as well. (P20)
3. A few sheets (small size, nothing bigger than A3 size) of white good quality paper (MBM Arches, BFK Rives, Hahnemuhle, etching paper, or any paper with a bit of a tooth to it... try what you have first) (PS104, PS91, PS22-WHI) 4. A set of fineliners. These Pigma Microns are a good choice. Others work as well. (M17)
5. You need a ruler that marks in centimeters and millimeters!! For convenience's sake, I'll mostly indicate the size in cm and mm. (S270)
6. A few tubes of gouache and watercolor (Click HERE for our selection of gouache and watercolor) - mixing brush - water container. (BR43, S1005)
7. A small flat brush in good condition. If you haven't one yet, I recommend the Raphael Kaerell nr 6. And while you're at it, you may want to order nr. 4, too. (BR24)
8. Personally, I've become helpless without my optivisor, especially when I have to be as precise as this class wants me to be.
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