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Ziller Inks

Black Ink  Color Ink  Sumi Ink  Walnut Ink  White Ink 
Acrylic Ink  Ink for Pointed Pen  Ink for Broad Edge  Waterproof Ink  Metallic & Iridescent Ink 
Fountain Pen Safe Ink  Sample Size Inks  Ink Additives/Cleaners  Ink Sets   

"I have the entire collection of Ziller Inks. Wanting to play with them I pulled out the green, blue and white. The blue and green worked great after I thinned the ink to work with my new Zebra G nib: nice, deep rich color. However, when I thinned my white, it became more transparent than I wanted. How do I keep the opaqueness. Has my ink gone bad? I have had it a while. I have been using distilled water per instructions, using a pipette to add the water ten drops at a time."
--Jes in North Carolina

"I just use the Ziller inks straight. Only time I have thinned them is when I forgot and left the bottle uncapped! Then using an eyedropper and distilled water, I added a drop at a time until it returned to the thickness I wanted."
--Elsie H. Wilson

"I go thru so much Ziller White and use it straight from the bottle. I get nice crisp hairlines; it is opaque and flows velvety smooth. I have never thinned it. I have never thinned any of the Zillers at all. I use their red (which is the color of Cartier logo!), blue and brown (chocolate!!) a lot. The Purple is also lovely."
-- Nan DeLuca

"For the colors, the pigments are ground super fine - 2 to 8 microns in diameter. However, the white cannot be ground that fine. Its size needs to be larger - about 1.5 microns or so. If the white pigment was ground smaller, the ink would lose its opacity and became rather transparent. Also, if you dilute the ink too much, it will lose its opacity. Be sure to stir the white frequently when using. Because the pigment size in the white is larger, it will sink quicker to the bottom of the jar. The other smaller pigments stay in suspension much longer but, they too should be stirred before use. As long as the inks are kept in a clean environment and do not become contaminated, they should have a long shelf life."
-- Rich Mungall, Ziller Inks.

I28. Ziller Ink
I28. Ziller Ink

"I LOVE the new Ziller inks, pink and grey. I am especially happy to have the grey ink as I am doing a lot in graphite now and needed a grey ink to "match" the artwork." --Bonnie Noehr

Pigmented, lightfast, waterproof (acrylic) for dip pens (pointed & broad edge) & brushes. Stir well before using. Dip nib or brush in ink, wipe off excess ink on jar edge or shake pen. Thin ink with distilled water. Intermixable to create other colors. Clean up pen with Ziller Pen Cleaner, which is specially formulated for pigmented, acrylic inks and has better success than other pen cleaners. Glass jars.

Choose: Aqua Blue Green, Buffalo Brown, Cardinal Red, Charcoal, Cranberry, Daffodil Yellow, Flamingo Pink, French Lavender, Glossy Black, Grass Green, Ivory, Lagoon Blue, Mauve Mist, Meadow Green, Midnight Blue, Nasturium Orange, North Wind White, Peach Blush, Periwinkle Blue, Prairie Fire Orange, Soot Black, Spring Green, Sunflower Yellow, Tranquil Taupe, Wild Rose Pink, Wild Violet, Winter Sky Gray, and Wisteria.

A new color, Azure Blue, is expected March 2019.

Prices of colors vary.

I28. Ziller Ink color chart

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I29. Classic Ziller Glossy Black Ink
Classic Ziller Glossy Black Ink.

The original Ziller Glossy Black Ink in powder form returns. A favorite for pointed pen for years, this ink is unsurpassed for copperplate, Spencerian, and off-hand flourishing, with fine hairlines and brilliant shading. Add boiling water to the neck of the jar and mix well by stirring. (Do not shake.) Stir before each use. For pointed pen with a steel nib.
Non-waterproof. Makes 1oz.

Hints for using I29 Ziller Classic Glossy Black Powdered Ink

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I30. Ziller Pen Cleaner
I30. Ziller Pen Cleaner

The makers of Ziller Ink now offer a pen cleaner that is formulated for pigmented acrylic inks (like their popular colored and black inks) as well as other calligraphy inks. To remove dried ink, soak the nibs that need to be cleaned for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary, and dry nibs thoroughly after cleaning. Ziller Pen Cleaner can also be used to clean fountain pens and technical pens by removing the nib before soaking and filling the reservoir with the cleaner. Occasionally filling the pens with Ziller Pen Cleaner and discharging several times will keep them writing smoothly.

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I147. Ink Thickener
I147. Ziller Ink Thickener

Sometimes your acrylic inks like Ziller are too thin for the paper (or perhaps you have thinned the ink too much). Add this Thickener one drop at a time until the ink is thickened again.

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SA-I28-S. Ziller Sample Sets
SA-I28-S Ziller Sample Sets

These sets contain Screw-Top Dinky Dip vials filled with samples of Ziller Inks. The vials are set in wooden blocks.

Original 10 colors:
Midnight Blue, Buffalo Brown, Glossy Black, Soot Black, White, Cardinal Red, Wild Viola Violet, Sweet Grass Green, Prairie Fire Orange, Sunflower Yellow.

Pastel 6 colors:
French Lavender, Peach Blush, Periwinkle Blue, Spring Green, Wild Rose Pink, Winter Sky Gray.

New 6 colors: Cranberry, Wisteria, Mauve Mist, Charcoal, Tranquil Taupe, Ivory.

For full size jars, see item I28.

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