18in Centering Ruler

Item Code: S425


S425. 18in Aluminum Centering Ruler.

One side is a centering ruler with zero at the center and the measurements (in inches) extending in both directions. The other side is a regular ruler, one edge in inches, the other in millimeters.

How do you letter text centered? Make a guideline sheet for your piece. Add the vertical center line to your piece. Place paper over the guidelines and carefully letter your text, line-by-line, starting at the left margin. Use the centering ruler or centering guide to mark the center of each line. Using a craft knife, cut the lines into strips. Place a second sheet of paper over your guidelines and use a glue stick (removable is best) to make a paste up. Line up your center marks on the center line of the guidesheet. Now place your guide sheet over your paste-up and mark the start and finish of each line. Remove the paste-up and use your guidesheet to create the finished piece with the lines centered.

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